June 20, 2024

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In an age dominated by the influence of social media, BridgeView Hotel has recognized the escalating concern surrounding instances of online harassment directed towards individuals, companies, and small businesses. As the prevalence of baseless allegations grows, so too does the need for substantiated evidence to counteract such claims.

While the court of public opinion on social media may often thrive without concrete proof, the legal framework mandates the backing of each accusation with evidence. A recent disconcerting incident involving Ms Dogbatsey, a guest at Bridgeview Hotel, has underscored the complexities of this dynamic.

The incident in question unravelled when Ms Dogbatsey allegedly attempted to physically assault the hotel’s front desk manager. The altercation stemmed from a scenario where Ms Dogbatsey was provided with a room in accordance with her reservation. However, upon arrival, she insisted on an alternative space. Despite the hotel management’s sincere endeavours to accommodate her request, their efforts proved futile.

Sadly, Ms Dogbatsey has taken to multiple social media platforms to besmirch the reputation of BridgeView Hotel. Although the hotel extended an opportunity for Ms Dogbatsey to apologize to its staff and esteemed patrons, such reconciliation attempts have remained unfulfilled.

In light of the situation’s gravity, BridgeView Hotel has decided to take decisive action, leading to the filing of criminal charges for attempted assault against Ms Dogbatsey. The hotel has also chosen to initiate legal proceedings encompassing allegations of libel and defamation claiming they shall throughout the legal process, support each claim with compelling evidence.

Bridgeview Hotel encourages the public to thoroughly examine the comprehensive complaint that has been lodged. Additionally, they urge Ms Dogbatsey to present evidence that may challenge any statements within the complaint. The hotel remains steadfast in its commitment to justice, fairness, and top-tier customer service.

Beyond the immediate case, this legal action holds broader significance in safeguarding small businesses from potential future injustices. BridgeView Hotel’s legal team stands ready to advocate on behalf of fellow entrepreneurs, underscoring the importance of upholding principles of integrity and accountability in the digital age.

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