July 19, 2024

Frank K. Boamah, Headmaster of Bueman School

The Buem State School (BUSEC), located in the newly created Oti Region, has issued a heartfelt appeal to its Old Students’ Association for assistance in addressing critical challenges that the institution currently faces.

The head of Bueman School,Frank Kwamena Boamah, has passionately called on the school’s alumni to rally together and support their Alma Mater, which is in dire need of help. The management of Bueman School has consistently expressed deep concern about the school’s current state, highlighting several pressing issues that demand immediate attention.

The foremost concern is the shortage of essential furniture, which affects various areas of the school, including the library, dining hall, assembly hall, laboratories, and accommodation facilities. The shortage of furniture has compelled the school to expedite its dining schedule, significantly disrupting classes and daily routines.

Mr Boamah stressed the importance of addressing the incomplete fence wall surrounding the school premises, citing security concerns. Stray animals frequently enter the school compound, causing damage to school property. Additionally, some students have taken advantage of the absence of a wall to leave the school without permission, posing risks to their safety.

Bueman School currently hosts a student population of two thousand nine hundred, with limited accommodation facilities for teachers on campus.

Mr Boamah passionately appealed to the Old Students’ Association to contribute to the school’s improvement and honour the vision of Mr Nayo in shaping the next generation. He expressed gratitude for the efforts made by the alumni in enhancing Bueman School and called upon them to continue supporting the institution with their projects.

“I acknowledge the tireless efforts of our Old Students in making Bueman School better. However, like Oliver Twist, we shall continue to call on them to return and bring smiles to our faces through their projects,” Mr. Boamah affirmed.

The headmaster, Mr. Michael Alabi, received special recognition for his recent intervention, where he generously donated fifteen thousand Cedis to facilitate the purchase of much-needed furniture. This act of kindness serves as a testament to the commitment of the school’s community to improving the educational experience for all Bueman School students.


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