May 30, 2024

Alan Kyeremanten address the press at Movenpick Hotel

Freelance writer and political commentator Sacut Amenga-Etego has openly questioned the recent political moves of former NPP Trade Minister Alan Kyeremanten. In a Facebook post made shortly after Kyeremanten’s press conference announcing his departure from the NPP, Amenga-Etego expressed doubts about Kyeremanten’s commitment to a truly independent political stance.

Amenga-Etego wrote on his Facebook timeline, “I would have taken Alan Kyeremanten more seriously if he hadn’t asked his former party members to vote for NPP parliamentary candidates. It appears to me he has one leg in and one leg out. If he seriously wants power to create a so-called third force outside of the duopoly of NDC/NPP, he must aim even more at having a representation in parliament – an independent bloc of parliamentarians. As it stands now, I cannot take him too seriously and shall not bet a penny on his prospects in the present-future.”

Amenga-Etego’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among some political observers who are skeptical about Kyeremanten’s political positioning. Alan Kyeremanten’s decision to encourage his former party members to vote for NPP parliamentary candidates while hinting at a future presidential run has raised questions about his intentions and his commitment to establishing a new political force in Ghana’s political landscape.

The former NPP Trade Minister’s departure from the party and his subsequent statements is generating attention and speculation within the political sphere. It remains to be seen how Kyeremanten’s approach will be received by voters and whether he can successfully carve out a distinct political path beyond the established NDC/NPP duopoly.

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