April 17, 2024

Chief of Staff Akosua Frema Opare-Osei, a leading contender for Bawumia’s running mate, has fervently advocated for increased female participation in politics and leadership positions. She emphasizes the substantial impact women can wield on elections and governance.

Addressing attendees at the Ashanti Regional campaign team launch for the 2024 elections, Frema Opare-Osei underscored the numerical strength of women in Ghana’s electoral landscape, highlighting that women constitute 51 percent of the country’s population.

Drawing parallels from societal observations, she noted the prevalence of women in various spheres, including religious settings where they often outnumber men. This, she argued, demonstrated the formidable presence of women and their potential to influence outcomes in politics and beyond.

She clarified that her advocacy for women’s empowerment did not diminish the importance of men in society. Instead, she urged women to embrace their fighting spirit and remain steadfast in their pursuit of relevance and leadership roles.

“I want you to understand that, according to the Ghanaian electoral roll, we are the majority, comprising about 51 percent.”

“If you attend our churches during collection or offering time, you’ll notice that there are more women present. Sometimes, you’ll see up to ten women before you even spot two men; the ratio could even be twenty to three men.”

“This, however, does not diminish the importance of men. Rather, it serves to encourage the resilience of women and those advocating for their empowerment. I urge them to remain steadfast and unwavering in their pursuit of relevance, knowing that women play pivotal roles in every sphere of life. The battle belongs to them, and I implore them to rise to the occasion.”

The Chief of Staff’s remarks resonate within the broader discourse on gender parity and political representation, signaling a call to action for increased inclusivity and empowerment of women in Ghana’s political landscape.

Opare-Osei’s advocacy for women’s participation serves as a rallying cry for gender equality and underscores the indispensable role women play in shaping the nation’s future.

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