May 30, 2024

Christopher Beyere, addressing the recent dissemination of misleading information on WhatsApp platforms concerning a land dispute, has vehemently denounced the false claims targeting his reputation.

The circulating reports suggest that Beyere unlawfully acquired a piece of land from a lady and confessed to the act of encroachment. However, Beyere has come forward to set the record straight and provide clarity on the matter:

1. Legal Proceedings: Beyere clarified that the issue is currently undergoing judicial scrutiny at the Fiapre Circuit Court. The case is awaiting a final determination, indicating that the legal process is still ongoing.

2. Denial of Allegations: Beyere categorically denied the allegations of forcefully taking land. He emphasized that he has never admitted to such actions and reiterated his commitment to upholding legal and ethical standards.

3. Stage of the Case: Beyere clarified the status of the case, noting that it is currently at a stage ready for case management in the near future. Contrary to circulating rumors, there has been no default judgment against him, as the case has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.

In light of these developments, Beyere urged the public to approach any information regarding the case with caution. He emphasized the importance of waiting for the court to reach a final decision before passing judgment.

The Office of Christopher Beyere underscored the significance of accurate and verified information, urging individuals to refrain from spreading unverified claims that could harm reputations unjustly. Beyere remains committed to transparency and justice throughout the legal proceedings, and he appreciates the support of those who await the court’s final decision before drawing conclusions.

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