June 20, 2024

Andrews E. Arthur, President, PRINPAG

The Private Newspapers and Online News Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG) has thrown its full weight behind the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA)’s decision to impose a media blackout on Member of Parliament for Yendi, Farouk Aliu Mahama, following his assault on a journalist from Citi FM/TV.

In a strongly worded statement released today, PRINPAG emphasized the crucial role of press freedom in a democratic society and condemned any form of violence or intimidation against journalists. The incident involving MP Farouk Aliu Mahama is seen not only as an infringement upon the rights of the journalist involved but also as a direct assault on the principles of free speech and transparency.

PRINPAG firmly believes that instituting a media blackout against individuals who perpetrate such reprehensible acts is a crucial measure to uphold the integrity of the press and ensure the safety of journalists across Ghana. The association commends the GJA for taking a decisive stance against impunity and for prioritizing the protection of its members.

In a call to action, PRINPAG urges all stakeholders, including political leaders, to respect the vital role of the media as society’s watchdogs and to refrain from actions that undermine their independence or jeopardize their safety. It is imperative that journalists can carry out their duties without fear of reprisal or violence.

Reaffirming its unwavering commitment to promoting press freedom and defending the rights of journalists in Ghana, PRINPAG pledges to continue working closely with the GJA, Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), and other relevant organizations to safeguard the principles of free speech and ensure accountability at all levels of society.

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