June 14, 2024

President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo

Nana Akufo-Addo has accepted a $1 billion loan from IMF and the whole country has gone to sleep. Those who are not sleeping are quiet and those who wanted the wise men to rule Ghana in 2017 have all gone into hiding. Is it because Nana Addo is the President or it is because of COVID-19? Why are other African countries not borrowing from the IMF, or they don’t have COVID-19? Is Ghana going to pay for the loan or it is free? Wasn’t this same IMF, the NPP disturbed our ears in 2016 that John Mahama has taken Ghana to, or is this a different IMF? COVID-19 has exposed the once robust and stable economy of Ghana. Lol.

But under whose incompetent leadership did COVID-19 come to Ghana? When you ask this question, they tell you COVID-19 is pandemic. How did it become pandemic? Is Akufo-Addo not one of the African leaders today? Don’t you remember that a President once protected Ghana from the Ebola virus that was killing people in many African countries? Ebola could equally have become pandemic, if for not the vision of that President. God richly bless you, Barack Obama and John Mahama.

So the Managing Director for TOR, Mr. Asante Berko has resigned and the alleged corruption against him and Nana Addo’s government has ended? Is that what it is? Hon. Boakye Agyarko was sacked as the Minister of Energy and since that time, the alleged corruption between him and Nana Addo’s government ended? Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi was sacked as the Chairman of GFA and the alleged corruption between him and Nana Addo’s government ended just like that? Why hasn’t Nana Addo referred the matter of Mr. Asante Berko to the Special Prosecutor? The choose and pick-double standards of Nana Addo must stop. If he can’t protect the oath he swore on January 7, 2017, he must resign.

Dr. Zanetor Rawlings called for fair distribution and accountability of the COVID-19 food and the NPP are chewing her like gum? What is NPP’s problem with Dr. Rawlings’ call? Is it the food being distributed along their party lines or the accountability of the disbursements? So, Paul Adom-Otchere and the NPP have not seen videos where people were asked to produce their NPP party cards before they were given food and water?

What has become of Ghana? So in the midst of this pandemic, which has come under his leadership, Akufo-Addo and the NPP want to tell us that unless you are an NPP, you should not eat and drink? Do they think there wouldn’t be any probity and accountability of all the expenditures of COVID-19? They told us that the budget for the Ghana @60 included libraries for all the districts. We still remember and they will account for everything including PDS and Ameri.

Fellow Ghanaians, once in 2014, you had a President who protected you from another dangerous virus called Ebola. Because of that protection, you didn’t have any infections; you didn’t have any lockdowns; you didn’t hear of any quarantine and you didn’t have any hardships. He is coming back in December 2020 and he needs your prayers, support and your vote. Join me and let’s vote wisely for John Mahama. “The hardships must end”


The writer, Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in the USA.

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