June 14, 2024

Joana Gyan, the dynamic National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Amenfi Central, has been temporarily restrained from presenting herself as the elected candidate. The Sekondi High Court’s decision to uphold an injunction has put a pause on her promising political journey, pending the outcome of the case.

Joana Gyan, who emerged victorious in a competitive primary contest against seven other strong contenders, including the incumbent MP Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah, expressed her frustration at the court’s ruling. She explained that the court initially directed the disputing parties to resolve the issue through the NDC’s internal mechanisms. However, the petitioners later demanded judicial intervention, leading to the court’s current stance.

“The point must be made that we were eight contestants in the election that made me the candidate. The majority of the delegates voted for me,” Gyan stated, emphasizing her democratic victory and expressing confidence in her eventual triumph. She remains resolute, insisting she has conducted herself with integrity and looks forward to a favorable resolution.

The injunction has sparked outrage among the constituents of Amenfi Central, many of whom see this legal battle as a politically motivated attack orchestrated by Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah, whose defeat in the primaries has reportedly left his ego bruised. Constituents accuse him of undermining Gyan’s candidacy through “evil machinations” to destabilize the constituency.

In a decisive move, the NDC’s Functional Executive Committee (FEC) acted swiftly on June 5, 2024, suspending four key constituency executives accused of anti-party activities. The suspended executives include Mr. Raphael Andoh Kwaw, Constituency Chairman; Mr. Richmond Aleke, Constituency Organizer; Madam Grace Kwaw, Women’s Organizer; and Madam Janet Fynn, Deputy Women’s Organizer.

A statement from the FEC, signed by General Secretary Fif Fiavi Kwetey, read: “At a meeting of the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the Party held on the 5th of June, 2024, it was resolved that the following Executives of the Amenfi Central Constituency be suspended forthwith pending further investigations into your anti-party behavior.”

Furthermore, MP Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah has been summoned to appear before the party’s Political Committee to justify his actions and to explain why he should not face sanctions for his alleged disruptive behavior.

In a strategic response to ensure continued focus and stability, the NDC has appointed Joana Gyan as the chair of an interim Presidential Campaign Task Force for the Amenfi Central Constituency. This move underlines the party’s confidence in Gyan’s leadership and their commitment to upholding democratic principles despite internal challenges.

Joana Gyan remains optimistic and steadfast in her commitment to serving Amenfi Central. Her supporters are rallying behind her, confident that she will overcome these obstacles and continue her journey towards representing them in parliament. As the legal proceedings unfold, the constituency watches closely, hopeful for a resolution that respects their democratic choice.

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