Do not sacrifice competence for godfatherism – Ejaku

Francis Ejaku Donkoh

A Central Regional Organizer hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Ejaku Donkoh in an exclusive interview spoke on his ambition and warned that it is dangerous to sacrifice competence and experience just to allow puppets to occupy political offices.

The former Central Regional Youth Organizer  explained  that anybody referred to as a godfather must have “paid their dues” and have some level of influence.

‘In the context of our own politics, a godfather is someone who sits there, takes all the decisions, decides who gets what, whether it is resources or positions,” he said.

“The concept of godfatherism simply means that there are some individuals or influential people who have the levers of control when it comes to political decisions.

“For me, in its entirety, godfatherism isn’t bad, godfatherism that sacrifices competence for something else is bad.”

He said, the people of New Patriotic Party should learn from history, and allow cursorily delve into the past. ‘There is plethora of instances where people were reported to have picked their political sons and daughters over competence, long service and apprenticeship which did not end well with them’.

‘It is crystal clear that anointing candidates and forcing them down the throats of the electorate and people or the Region, has its concomitant consequences and always created bad blood in the end. Not only do you deny the people the right to choose their leaders, but they are hoodwinked and boxed to a corner to sing praises just to get their daily bread. We must say no to such archaic processes. Let’s have a level playing ground and let the best emerge through a universal suffrage of the people’s choice and votes respectively.

The Central Region was NPP’s stronghold with majority of parliamentary representation before 2020 general elections.  My aim is to recapture the region for the NPP because any party that gets the region, of course, is on its way to winning the general election.

So, let no one play God in our region. Only God gives power to whoever he so decides.

My structures are intact, well oiled getting set for the race. There is no going back. We are resolute and I am enamoured by the genuine messages, private visits from the young and old, men and women, the youths and especially members of the NPP, urging me to remain steadfast that victory would be ours eventually.

I’m better placed to replicate and complement what Central Region need by electing an experienced technocrat politician like me to give the ‘Oguaman’ its desired place in the comity of other regions in the country politically.


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