June 14, 2024

Samuel Eshun

Famous Gold Power Drive Show Host Samuel Eshun has resigned from the media outfit after five (5) years of dedicated service.

Confirming the news about his resignation, Sammy, announced his resignation on his facebook timeline @ www.facebook.com/samueleshungh, on Monday.

‘I have discussed with one or two people about my decision to quit Radio Gold’. I have also presented to management my resignation letter’.

‘’I sincerely thank Radio Gold for the support that they have provided me during the past five years. I truly appreciate the opportunity the station provided me to sharpen my journalistic and radio presentation skills.  I am grateful to the station, and Mr. B.B for providing a good working environment for me to create lasting memories’’ he said in a live video.

‘’Just like every chapter, mine with Radio Gold has come to an end. I really enjoyed my tenure with Gold’’ he added.

“It’s an exciting time for me — and a nerve-wracking one.”  “it’s true I have resigned from the Radio Gold after five years behind the console’.

Sammy also revealed how frustrating it was to stream online for several months without salary.

He said, “It has not been easy streaming online for seven months without pay. ‘You all know how the authorizing body, National Communication Authority (NCA) took our license. The story is out there, no need reechoing it. As to how we survived, is a story to be told later.

Commenting on live after Radio Gold, Mr. Eshun noted that happier days are ahead and that he is going to use the coming days to reflect on his life and plan for the next chapter.

As a parting notice, he urges his fans to monitor his facebook account for any future updates concerning his next line of action.

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