June 14, 2024

Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money just so you can finance your dream wedding?

A lot of experts do not think so. In fact, financial advisers believe that this is one of the debts that you should think twice or thrice before you borrow.

Here is a testimony as to why you needn’t borrow to marry.

For me, it wasn’t like I didn’t have money, I had saved enough for extravagant wedding, but I told myself I will never impress anybody not even my wife to be. I have over Ghc 200,000 in my savings but didn’t spend more than Ghc 10,000. When we met, I told her I don’t like big weddings, initially she wasn’t understanding me, but she had to agree cos I told her if even she has the money to spend on that, me I’m not for that. So, she had no option than to agree.

I started buying most stuffs over a year before I went for the list cos, I had asked from few friends who had married some months ago. Lo and behold when the list came, I needed to buy few items. I also made my wife understand that I want us to live comfortably after our marriage so I will cut a lot of stuffs off so she should bear with me. She wasn’t happy but I convinced her to understand cos I promised I will make her very happy after marriage.

I also convinced her we would do the traditional n white wedding on the same day; it was stressful but just wanted to cut food n drinks costs because doing that on different days will make u spend more on those items. I also told her we would do away with best man n brides’ maid, it will be only the 2 of us n for me I won’t wear suit, she can wear her gown. I sew white top n down n she wore her gown with no one following us.

I also made her understand that we won’t cook for anybody, only drink, pie and water n those items would be place at the entrance of the church so right after closing n taking of pictures, u pick drink, pie n water then bye.

I went to a friend who had a new ride, bought ₵50 fuel for him to pick my wife from the house. Another friend also came to pick me to the church and after, I joined my wife’s car n straight to the hotel. Before the wedding I bought a car, which was doing my errands for me so that was what we used after our marriage. People were surprised and disappointed, but we never bothered.

Some of my friends who knew I had enough been surprised n sometimes tease me, but I was not perturbed cos we knew the plans we had. It was only my boss who shook me n told me, I did so well to go that level. He knew I would show off, but I have demonstrated to him that I’m a wise guy.

After a year of marriage, God blessed us with a baby n I didn’t want my wife to be boarding commercial vehicles, so I bought her a car. Her friends who saw her driving her car became shocked n paid visits just to find out if it’s really hers.

In 1 n half years later, we moved to our own 3-bedroom house, fully furnished. Some friends who now know I have moved to my own house r now jealous n asking how I was able to reach this mile in these few years. Some don’t even have a piece of land, talk of building. Now my wife walks with her head high cos she is a landlady. Her friends now praise her and say she is lucky and that they pray they get a husband like me. My wife is praised in her family and my Mom loves her so much for her understanding and the achievements so far.


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