June 20, 2024

Despite the increasing incidents of fire disasters, Fire Service departments across the country appear to have been left in shambles.
The Central Regional Fire Service is in a sorry state due to faulty firefighting accoutrements leaving the citizens at the mercy of God.

The Reginal Public Relations Officer, Assistant Division Officer III (ADO3) Abdul Wusiw Hudu speaking in an exclusive interview with Cape Coast-based Kastle FM relayed the pitiable state of the firefighting agency in Central Region.
According to him, the agency does not have fire fighting trucks because what they have has been grounded for years.
He said, although Vice President Dr Bawumia in December 2022 commissioned two hydraulic platforms and a Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) for the Operational use of the Ghana National Fire Service, it was not enough for effective firefighting in the region.
For ADO3 Abdul Wusiw Hudu, most of what they have as fire tenders are malfunctioning, obsolete and life-threatening to the users.
‘For the past eight years or more, the Central Region has not seen one new fire tender’, he revealed and saying it is a worrying situation for service in the region.

‘Although we have men who normally work on the faulted tenders, many at times it goes beyond their strength and capacity thereby compelling us to send them to Accra before it could be repaired or have the parts replaced. He told Nana Kweku Arhin.

He further noted that, through the benevolence effort of some NGOs, the Wenneba station was supported with a fire tender and some logistics.

However, he insists the Dunkwa and Elmina stations are in critical need of urgent attention.

Assuring the people, he said, they will continue to make use of what they have until they are equipped to fire any outbreak. His prayer is that they shouldn’t be overwhelmed by any outbreak while they hope to receive help from the government.

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