July 19, 2024

The Ghana Police Service is grieving the loss of one of its most cherished members, P/H Corporal Queen Mother, a distinguished horse renowned for its unyielding dedication and remarkable service. The gallant horse, which had been an emblem of honour and loyalty, passed away on August 8, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of outstanding ceremonial performances and contributions to state functions.

P/H Corporal Queen Mother had been an integral part of the Police Mounted Squadron since 2019, embodying the core values of the Service through its tireless commitment. The majestic horse played a central role in numerous significant national events, including Independence Day Parades, the opening of Parliament during the State of the Nation’s Address, and the graduation of Cadet Officers.

Beyond its official duties, P/H Corporal Queen Mother had formed a deep and lasting connection with the Police family. Its dignified demeanour and commanding presence earned it a special place in the hearts of both officers and the public alike, becoming a crowd favourite during public appearances and instilling a sense of pride and respect.

While the Ghana Police Service mourns the loss of this exceptional horse, it also celebrates the immense contributions it made to both the Service and the nation as a whole. The legacy of P/H Corporal Queen Mother will serve as a continuous source of inspiration, embodying the unwavering commitment and dedication that define Ghana’s esteemed law enforcement agency.

In recognition of its outstanding service, P/H Corporal Queen Mother has been posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant. This honour pays tribute to the enduring impact the horse had on the police force and the citizens it served.

P/H Corporal Queen Mother’s legacy lives on through its three offspring, the youngest of which is a mere two weeks old. These descendants are a testament to the enduring impact and influence of this remarkable horse on the future of the Police Mounted Squadron.

As Ghanaians come to terms with the loss of P/H Corporal Queen Mother, the nation collectively reflects on the profound significance of its service and the deep bond it formed with the people it served. The Ghana Police Service will forever remember and honour P/H Corporal Queen Mother’s memory as it continues its mission to uphold law and order with unwavering dedication and commitment.

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