June 14, 2024

Benjamin Kofi Quarshie

Benjamin Quashie, Chairman of the South African National Democratic Congress Council of Elders, has raised concerns about what he sees as an entitlement mentality prevalent among the NDC branches situated abroad. Quashie stressed the importance of compromise in order to facilitate progress within the party.

Quashie observed that certain branches overseas appear to harbour a sense of entitlement that, in his view, undermines the party’s unity. He underscored that an approach where individuals expect things to always align with their preferences is counterproductive. Quashie attributed this attitude to the substantial contributions made by these overseas branches to the party’s efforts.

During a telephone interview on CTV on August 9th, 2023, Quashie responded to apprehensions voiced by some foreign branches regarding the conduct of Alex Segbefia. Quashie acknowledged that Segbefia, who holds the position of International Relations Director within the NDC, is not immune to criticism given his human nature. Nonetheless, Quashie assured party members that Segbefia remains in sync with the party’s stance and adheres to the directives of the International Relations Department.

In addressing accusations of inflexibility levelled against Alex Segbefia concerning re-elections within the Italy, Germany and UK/Ireland party branches, the Chairman of the SA Council defended Segbefia. Quashie recognized Segbefia’s familiarity and comprehension of the pertinent issues within these regions. He refuted claims of unresponsiveness, asserting that Segbefia is consistently willing to provide clarifications to the public.

Benjamin Quashie appealed to party supporters, urging them—especially those located abroad—to approach their demands of the party and its executives with moderation. He emphasized that the realm of politics necessitates a spirit of compromise rather than an entitled mindset. Quashie underscored that the construction of a robust political party hinges on a willingness to negotiate and find common ground.

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