June 20, 2024

In a bold and spirited address to a gathering of delegates, the Incumbent Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central and Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, has publicly thrown down the gauntlet to anyone considering contesting him in the upcoming parliamentary primaries. The challenge, delivered before an audience of delegates and accompanied by a cross-section of Constituency leaders and friends, was a resounding declaration of his readiness to face any contenders.

“We will not resort to intimidation. We will not intimidate anyone. The game is on the football field. Those who see themselves as players should don their jerseys and join us to participate,” Quartey declared emphatically, setting the stage for a potentially fierce electoral battle.

Adding a touch of biblical inspiration, Quartey recited Psalm 23:4 from the Bible, stating, “But the good Lord says, although I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil. The rod and thy staff shall comfort me. The Lord is my shepherd.”

With a message aimed at potential rivals, Quartey continued, “This is your message: tell them whenever they call you, that you aren’t newcomers, you are not new challengers.” This statement underscored his experience and commitment to the constituents of Ayawaso Central.

Drawing from the wisdom of the Ashantis, Quartey quoted, “What we have must continue,” emphasising the importance of continuity and the progress achieved thus far.

The MP also drew a sports analogy to highlight his readiness for any competition. Referring to the legendary footballer Lionel Messi, Quartey noted, “Have you witnessed Lionel Messi? No matter how fatigued he may be, he’ll still score when given a pass. He’s intimately acquainted with the goalpost. So, I advise them (his contenders) to exercise patience, seek guidance, and undergo training before attempting to succeed.”

Reflecting on his own journey, Quartey remarked, “For us, we took our time to learn before the baton was handed over to us. We firmly believe that one must learn to walk before they can run because running before walking often leads to stumbling and falling.”

In a closing statement, Quartey asserted, “I won’t speak further. Tell them that I’ve started the machine, and he who claims to be a man should step forward.” This challenge sets the stage for what promises to be a closely watched and highly contested parliamentary primary in the Ayawaso Central constituency.

As the political season heats up, Henry Quartey’s challenge serves as a clear indication of his determination to secure another term in office and his unwavering commitment to the constituents he represents. The upcoming parliamentary primaries are likely to be a pivotal moment in the political landscape of the Ayawaso Central constituency, and all eyes will be on the developments that follow Quartey’s bold declaration.

Before the lawmaker returns to the drawing board to calibrate and assess the impact of his message, Moses Abor, a three-term youth organiser of the Constituency and a two-term Greater Accra Regional Youth Organiser, has accepted the challenge. He will contest against Henry Quartey in the upcoming primaries to represent the constituents of Ayawaso Central Constituency in Ghana’s parliament, consequently resigning from his current position.

The former Greater Accra Youth Leader stated that the growing call for him to rescue his constituents reached a point where he could no longer resist, leading to his decision to embark on a rescue mission.

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