April 17, 2024

Henry Quartey (Hon) and Abdul-Rauf Tubazu

As the 2024 elections loom, the constituents of Ayawaso Central Constituency find themselves faced with a critical decision that could either uphold or diminish the standards of representation in their area. In the midst of partisan politics, it is imperative for voters to prioritize the interests of the constituency over personal gains and focus on the caliber, personality, influence, and dedication of the individual vying for the parliamentary seat.

Maintaining standards is paramount for Ayawaso Central, and there is no justification for lowering them. It would be counterproductive to replace a capable leader with someone lacking the vision and capability to drive progress. In this regard, Henry Quartey stands out as a candidate who has diligently served the constituency.

Henry Quartey has proven himself as a dedicated representative for Ayawaso Central. His leadership has been characterized by tangible development initiatives, particularly in human capital and infrastructure. Quartey has overseen the tarring of numerous roads and implemented projects to improve street lighting and sanitation, significantly enhancing the quality of life for constituents.

Taking over from the esteemed Sheikh Agbenaa Quaye during I.C. Quaye’s tenure, Quartey inherited a legacy of respect and influence. Despite the challenges he faced, including managing disagreements within the constituency, Quartey has upheld the dignity of his office and worked tirelessly to advance the interests of Ayawaso Central.

While Quartey is not without his imperfections, his track record speaks volumes about his commitment to the constituency. His steady rise within the political ranks, culminating in his appointment as Minister for Interior, underscores his value and effectiveness as a representative.

Of course, no leader is without detractors, and Quartey is no exception. However, the question remains: is Tubazo the best alternative? What is his standing within the NDC, and what guarantees exist for his future prospects in a potential NDC government? The adage “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” rings true here, urging constituents to consider the tangible achievements of Quartey over speculative promises from his opponent.

Ultimately, the constituents of Ayawaso Central must weigh their options carefully and prioritize continuity and progress. While Quartey may not be perfect, his experience, dedication, and proven leadership make him a strong contender for re-election. As the saying goes, “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush,” and Ayawaso Central cannot afford to gamble with its representation.

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