April 17, 2024

Enoch Amegbletor, the parliamentary candidate for the Ketu North Constituency, has fulfilled his promise to four communities within the district.

In a recent update shared on his social media platform, Amegbletor announced significant progress in the electrification project for the Dowuime, Dorgbefukope, Savekor, and Midedetsi communities.

“Following up on my commitment from two weeks ago, contractors are diligently progressing with the Electrification Project in Dowuime, Dorgbefukope, Savekor, and Midedetsi communities,” Amegbletor stated in his post.

The project aims to bring electricity to these underserved areas, enhancing the quality of life for residents and fostering economic development within the communities. By providing access to electricity, Amegbletor seeks to improve living conditions, boost local businesses, and create opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Amegbletor reaffirmed his dedication to improving the livelihoods of the constituents, emphasizing the importance of community development and empowerment. “We stay committed to lightening our communities. Together we can!” he concluded in his social media update.

The progress made in the electrification project demonstrates Amegbletor’s commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and addressing the needs of the people he seeks to represent in parliament. As the project continues to move forward, residents can look forward to enjoying the benefits of reliable electricity in their daily lives.

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