June 20, 2024

Gabriella Tetteh

Gabriella Tetteh, the Central Regional Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has reaffirmed her unequivocal trust in the impartiality and credibility of Joy News and Citi TV as her primary sources of news and information. This declaration comes in the midst of a lively online debate ignited by critics scrutinizing her media preferences.

Gabriella, who has been featured on various platforms to represent the NDC including Metro TV, Pan African TV, TV3, Adom TV, etc., did not allow her working affiliations to influence her choice of news sources for consumption.

Taking to her Facebook platform, Gabriella strongly expressed her dependence on these two news outlets while distancing herself from other media sources including Metro TV where she regularly features on Good Morning Ghana. Her statement directly responds to comments made by a Ghanaian-American-based journalist Kevin Taylor, well-known for his unbiased political commentary.

In her Facebook post, Gabriella resolutely proclaimed, “I Trust Only Joy News and Citi TV.” She stressed her faith in their commitment to unbiased journalism and dedication to delivering accurate information to the public.

Tetteh’s comments serve as a rebuttal to recent online criticisms, particularly from Kevin Taylor, who had raised questions about her competence and capabilities. Taylor had taken exception to Tetteh’s remarks on one of his posts, leading to a public exchange.

In her estimation, any media-related issues not emanating from JoyTV or Citi TV are considered ‘JANDAM’ Yes, “I rely solely on Joy News and Citi TV, NDC’s Gabriella” is grammatically correct. It’s a clear and concise sentence.

Tetteh concluded her post by promising to address the criticisms and disputes in the days ahead. She stated, “I will respond to him in the coming days. I am not afraid of this fight kraa,” indicating her readiness to engage in the ongoing debate. In her closing remarks, she alluded to her opponent’s ego, remarking, “Jandam has ego issues. E go over him.”

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