July 15, 2024

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a self-declared financier of the  New Patriotic Party (NPP)  and flagbearer aspirant, has clarified his widely-discussed “showdown” remark from the recent Special Delegates Conference.

In a viral video, Agyapong’s intense reaction sparked various interpretations.

He took to Twitter to defend his response, stating that it was a reaction to perceived injustice endangering his polling station agent in the North- East region, saving the life of GANIU. His tweet read, “I reacted against injustice, saving the life of GANIU, one of my polling station agents in North East. #ShowDown.”

This clarification follows Agyapong’s extensive discussions with the NPP’s elections committee, addressing concerns arising from the conference.

Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu, the concerned agent, echoed Agyapong’s stance. Ganiyu asserted that Agyapong’s outburst played a crucial role in safeguarding not only his life but also the lives of two other agents. He recounted an intense encounter where financial incentives were proposed, but they declined. According to him, the regional chairman’s reaction escalated the situation to the point of feeling threatened and cornered.

Ganiyu explained, “The regional chairman proposed giving us some amount of money, GH¢2000, and we declined, stating that we were not motivated by financial gains. He persisted, offering an additional GH¢1000, and we remained resolute in our refusal.”

“Regardless of the sum they were willing to offer, we were not willing to accept it. After we made our intention to leave clear, the chairman locked the door and pressured us to sign. He threatened that if we attempted to leave, he would permit his associates to attack us. We insisted on departing, even if it meant facing attacks on our way out. Subsequently, upon hearing about the incident, Honourable Kennedy quickly intervened, de-escalating the situation. As they began to withdraw the pressure tactics, they eventually left, allowing us to exit safely,” he concluded.

Ganiyu’s account contradicts an earlier explanation by Agyapong’s campaign team. On Monday, the team clarified that Agyapong’s “showdown” remark was not a threat to the President and Vice President, as some interpreted, but rather a declaration of his determination to secure victory in the upcoming November 4 elections.

Amid these conflicting accounts, Alexander Afenyo Markin, the Spokesperson for the NPP’s Elections Committee, confirmed their positive engagement with Agyapong regarding the viral “showdown” comment. Mr. Afenyo Markin disclosed that the committee plans to reconvene on Thursday to conclude their deliberations.

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