‘I was beaten up at Amewu’s residence’ —A Court bailiff


A bailiff of Ho High Court in the Volta Region, has narrated how he was beaten up by ‘muggers’ of John Peter Amewu when he went there to serve him court processes.

The High Court had ordered the serving of the newly elected Member of Parliament for the Hohoe Constituency awaiting the composition of the 8th parliament and swearing-in of a court action that has been initiated against him.

The Bailiff, in an interview with said:I went to Ho few days ago and I was given a document to be served on our DCE office here. It was a Friday so, I told them it won’t be possible looking at the time I will get here from Ho. So, I planned to serve them on Tuesday.

‘I was called today that he was in Alavanyo, we later found out that he was done with his assignment at Alavanyo and may be leaving for Accra so we decided to wait for him. Finally, they arrived but because it was not proper to serve him in the midst of the crowd, I was on standby for him to be alone so I could serve him but it looked like his people knew me and knew the issue at stake’.
All I saw was a guy came down from one of the vehicles, walked to me and held me at knife point and said I want to destroy the minister. I was surprised at his action because I was not armed. He pushed me to a point and ordered for a vehicle in which he asked I join, so I sat’.
 ‘At that point I noticed they may take my life and they were saying I had come to kill the minister meanwhile I had nothing on me accept my documents that I was going to serve him with. Then he hit my jaw. Yet I did not say anything, then they searched me and found nothing but those documents and my 50ghc which they took’.
‘They drove to a point (outskirts of town) and parked with an order for me to get down. He pulled me out of the car down.  At this point, I started introducing myself, mentioning notable people whose names I know just to prove I wasn’t a bad person’.
‘The guy hit my mouth again with a gun injuring me then sped off, leaving me at the middle of road. I struggled and managed walking on foot all the way and finally met a driver who brought me back to Hohoe. I could only notice one of the guys whom I knew works with Zoomlion but I don’t know his name. They have taken all my phones so I can’t call anyone, as I speak to you, I don’t know where my partner, Evans is’.
Interviewer: You should have gone to the Chief’s palace first before the police station.
Interviewee: Chief’s palace where? Trust me forget about the Chiefs in Hohoe Municipal.
My statement has been taken and I am waiting for a medical form to be issued to me.



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