April 17, 2024

Kennedy Kwame Ohene Agyapong

Kennedy Kwame Ohene Agyapong, renowned for his forthright and candid expressions, has revealed a captivating proposition should he secure the presidency. The Assin Central Legislator shared this ambitious vision during an interview on Citi TV’s “Face-to-face” program with Umaru Sanda Amadu.

Agyapong unveiled that in the event of his victory in the presidential race, he envisions harnessing the power of music to instil fundamental values like patriotism, integrity, and discipline within the Ghanaian populace. His strategy involves a large-scale collaborative endeavor among musicians, an ambitious “we are the world live band” concept, aimed at fostering unity and catalyzing positive change.

“I’ll convene all musicians to create a heroic song,” confidently proclaimed Agyapong. He further elucidated his plan to organize a live band concert encompassing a diverse spectrum of musical genres.

When queried about his primary goals as a potential Ghanaian president, Agyapong’s response underscores his commitment to leveraging the arts as a catalyst for transformation. His innovative approach of intertwining music with societal values offers a distinctive glimpse into his aspirational presidency. As the political landscape evolves, Agyapong’s proposal presents an intriguing perspective on the nation’s potential future.

According to the self-proclaimed wealthiest individual, the key to addressing Ghana’s challenges lies in vibrant live band music accompanied by the presence of beautiful women.

Mr. Agyapong is among the ten candidates contending for the highest position within the ruling New Patriotic Party.

The Chairman of KenCity Media Group, has consistently emerged in surveys and predictions carried out by political experts.

Unless there are unforeseen changes, a selected group of ‘Kukrudites’ under the supervision of special delegates will convene in all sixteen regional capitals to select the top five out of the ten contenders. This selection process aims to narrow down the candidate pool to five, from which the final candidate for the November 4 election will be determined. This chosen candidate will ultimately lead the party into the 2024 general elections.

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