April 12, 2024

Menzgold, in response to concerns voiced by concerned citizens and after extensive consultations with various stakeholders, has taken a pivotal step to refine its operational approach, as initially outlined in their press release on August 18, 2023. This decision emerges as a direct response to the valuable feedback received and stands as a testament to Menzgold’s commitment to elevating the verification experience for its esteemed clientele.

Under the recalibrated strategy, Menzgold has opted to suspend the production and printing of PVC Digital Access Cards, a choice made to alleviate potential financial burdens on clients. Instead, the company will now exclusively issue and distribute PIN codes to its patrons. This revised methodology is poised to simplify and expedite the verification process while fostering smoother interactions between Menzgold and its clients.

Within this newly outlined framework, clients who have been designated as “INVALID” hold two options: they can opt to discontinue their affiliation with Menzgold, or, if they remain determined, they can proceed with the process of remediation or review concerning their invalidated status. However, it is important to note that the company will be introducing a nominal fee for this review process, a measure intended to discourage unnecessary appeals and guarantee the optimal allocation of Menzgold’s human and logistical resources.

To initiate the verification procedure, patrons are required to submit substantive “Proof of transaction with Menzgold.” This entails furnishing a duplicate of their Gold Trading Agreement in conjunction with a copy of a valid National ID card, both of which must bear identical names. Furthermore, copies of the supporting documents submitted for validation acknowledgment receipts must also accompany the submission.

Menzgold has proactively advised its valued clients to liaise with authorised Payboy Agents, who were introduced in the press release dated August 16, 2023. These agents will abet the seamless organisation of courier arrangements to ensure the prompt and secure receipt of the Verification Access Cards.

It is of paramount significance to underscore that these modifications will not exert any influence upon the overarching roadmap delineated in Menzgold’s previous pronouncement on August 9, 2023. Consequently, the verification undertaking remains scheduled to transpire between August 14, 2023, and September 14, 2023.

This strategic pivot, grounded in a responsiveness to feedback from stakeholders, accentuates Menzgold’s unwavering resolve to instate a verification process that is not only transparent but also demonstrably efficient and client-centric.


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