April 17, 2024

In a controversial development, sixteen police personnel from the Greater Accra region have been interdicted by the Inspector General of Police, COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, following their alleged entry into Apostle Isaac Owusu Bempah’s Glorious Word Power Ministries International (Glorious Chapel) in South Odorko.

The incident unfolded after an investigator was tasked with probing a petition lodged with the Accra Region Police Command concerning the dissemination of nude pictures of a lady on social media by an individual whose identity remains undisclosed.

With authorization from the Greater Accra Regional Commander, the Regional Crime Officer delegated the investigation to a specific investigator known only as Atsu.

According to insider sources, Atsu exhausted all efforts to apprehend the suspect, who had managed to evade arrest. Despite diligent attempts to locate the suspect for questioning, Atsu resorted to technological methods, leading a team of 16 personnel to Owusu Bempah’s church after securing a Court Warrant, where the suspect was believed to be worshipping.

A junior pastor, speaking under strict anonymity, disclosed that the police officers arrived at the church compound shortly after the service and presented a court warrant to the church leaders for the suspect’s arrest.

However, one of the Senior Pastors managed to convince the Regional Commander, via phone call, to instruct his men to retreat after being assured of the church’s cooperation. Consequently, the Regional Commander ordered his men to leave the premises.

Contrary to expectations of bringing the suspect to the Police Station to assist with the investigation, Apostle Owusu-Bempah initiated a media campaign, accusing the IGP of orchestrating an attack on him and his church.

In response to Owusu Bempah’s accusations, the IGP promptly suspended the sixteen officers involved, citing the need for a thorough investigation.

As a consequence of the interdiction, the Accra Regional Command now finds itself short-staffed by sixteen personnel, prompting inquiries into the appropriateness of tracing the suspect to the church premises despite the court order.

A section of citizens on social media are questioning the basis of the interdiction, particularly in light of the IGP’s past instruction for a similar operation against Francis Xavier Sosu. They are expressing confusion and seeking clarification on why the officers involved were suspended despite carrying out their duties with a court order.

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