Incredible: TaTU student survives 12 bullets in robbery attack

Kwame Fiaworno in the wheel chair

Could it be luck, fate or charms? These are the questions the passengers aboard a bus traveling to Tamale and staff of a hospital in Sang, are yet to unravel, when a young man who was shot 12 straight bullets in a robbery attack survived it.

As shots rang out, a bus driver, and a level 200 student of Tamale Technical University began a harrowing journey that brought them into the rare fellowship of people who have made remarkable recoveries from gunshot wounds to the stomach.

Fiaworno Kwame Samuel was aboard a Yutong bus traveling to Tamale when a robbery gang terrorized at Sang.

Recalling the experience in a facebook post, Samuel said: ‘At around 8pm as we were returning from a journey and got to Sang, our car was attacked, shot by robbers which I and the driver were hit by de bullets but to God be the glory, we survived the attack. We thank God we are still alive.

“I was sitting at where the driver’s mate usually sits, closer to the driver’. He told The Hawk Newspaper in a chat.

“As we speak, I am still carrying about seven bullets in me. My elder brother managed to pluck about 5 of the visible bullets before they rushed me to the hospital. The Surgeon promised to remove the rest of the bullets in me’.

Investigation confirmed that one of the robbers was arrested and freed by a highly placed politician from the area.

The Bus driver


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