India COVID strain in Ghana: Surviving was by God’s grace, Ghanaians told


Editor of The Hawk Newspaper, Charles McCarthy says all those who survived 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic should be grateful to God.

He  questioned the readiness of Ghana to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as it has been reported that the India Strain has found its way into the country.

According to him, much has not been done to ensure that the current situation at hand is tackled only for the new strain to get into the country.

Charles believes that as a country, we have not been affected as other countries because “we are only living by grace”.

In a panel discussion on the ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ show with Happy FM’s Don Prah, he expressed: “The new strain is a source of worry for those of us who haven’t had the first dose not to even talk about the second. As a country, we are too relaxed when it comes to research. We decided to build emergency response centers with monies from IMF and World Bank. But, till now, I have not seen even one in any region”.

The editor cautioned that if Ghana does not prepare the necessary resources to fight the pandemic, we will be found wanting when things get worse.

“We must deploy the necessary resources to combat this pandemic because the current process we are using will not help us. We never heard of government allocating money to institutions for research. So as a country what is our focus? How prepared are we to fight the covid-19? It is by grace that we are not affected”, he said.

The most contagious Covid-19 variant, originating from India, has been recorded in Ghana.

Head of the West Africa Center for Cell Biology and Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) of the University of Ghana, Professor Gordon Awendare, confirmed that the Indian variant, also known as the Delta variant, is one of the 45 variants which are currently in Ghana.

The Indian strain has caused huge spikes in India and a serious increase in cases in the UK even though large sections of the population in those countries are vaccinated.


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