June 14, 2024

spot of unposted teachers at the minitry's car park

Days after government was reported to have reduced teacher joblessness by employing over fourteen thousand five hundred teachers,some unposted trained graduate teachers who are still jobless several years after their national service has since Monday, 25 November 2019 picketing at the Ministry of Education to demand postings.

They claimed to have been home for two years awaiting their posting but all efforts to press the ministry to employ them have proved futile.

According to Emmanuel Asabre, the spokesperson for the group, they do not understand why their juniors have been posted while they remain jobless.

The Ghana Education Service (GES), in a recent statement, announced that it has commenced the process of posting teachers who completed the Colleges of Education in 2018.

For the Education Service, only trainees who have written and passed the teacher licensure examination and have completed their national service are eligible for employment.

“Candidates who duly applied online will be shortlisted and postings effected by the end of November 2019,” the GES statement read.

“We also wish to state that there will be consideration for university graduates with basic education and early childhood certificates who have passed the licensure examination and completed national service as well,” the statement added.

The angry teachers said they have completed all the processes required and, thus, do not understand why they have been ignored.

They accused GES of ignoring 2016 to 2017 graduands from their recruitment plan. ‘Some of us have been refused posting because our index numbers end with 17. Others for lack of confirmation.

Asabre, explained that some of his colleagues deferred the course due to reasons beyond them, others for failing some papers, but have redeem themselves and successfully sanctified as teachers.

All attempts to speak to Public Affairs Directorate of the ministry hit a snag.

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