June 20, 2024

Julius Debrah, former Chief of Staff

Former Chief of Staff and esteemed political figure, Hon. Julius Debrah, has issued a statement addressing the widespread speculation surrounding his potential candidacy as the running mate for President John Dramani Mahama in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

In his statement, Hon. Julius Debrah acknowledged the numerous interest groups and individuals who have mentioned his name as a possible running mate to President Mahama. While he appreciates the recognition of his capabilities and ambitions, he firmly distances himself from the sentiments expressed in the media by these entities.

Highlighting the importance of career advancement and personal aspirations, Hon. Julius Debrah emphasized that he has not expressed any intention to become the running mate in the upcoming elections. He underscored the need for accuracy and clear communication, ensuring that his stance on this matter is understood.

Having worked closely with President Mahama and maintaining a strong relationship with him, Hon. Julius Debrah attested to the president’s ability to make well-informed decisions at crucial moments. He asserted that President Mahama is not the kind of leader who can be influenced or lobbied for such a significant position.

With President Mahama currently engaged in consultations with the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) and other key party members, Hon. Julius Debrah pointed out that the president’s immediate focus lies in filling important positions within the party, such as Vice-Chairpersons and various directorates. Additionally, President Mahama is actively involved in fundraising efforts and supporting the proposed elections and IT directorates to ensure a smooth and successful campaign.

Hon. Julius Debrah expressed gratitude for the well-intentioned sentiments expressed by those who believe in his capabilities. However, he stressed the importance of allowing President Mahama the necessary space and peace of mind to make his decision regarding the choice of a running mate in due time.

As the political landscape continues to evolve and anticipation builds for the 2024 presidential elections, Hon. Julius Debrah’s statement serves as a clear and definitive stance on his position, emphasizing his commitment to his role and responsibilities within the party and ensuring that the decision-making process remains unencumbered by undue influence or speculation.

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