May 30, 2024

Kwaw Abodam Kese

The renowned ‘Abodam hitmaker,’ Kwaw Kese, unleashed a scathing critique on his colleagues in the show business, accusing them of compromising their artistic integrity by allegedly selling their voices in exchange for government endorsements.

During the recent #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest, held in Accra, the outspoken celebrity seized the opportunity to voice his concerns to the media. With conviction in his words, Kwaw Kese claimed that many of his peers within the industry had chosen to remain silent on crucial government issues, hinting that this silence might be linked to their association with political largesse disguised as endorsements.

“Many of my colleagues have been bought. Many of these artists who are not speaking out are politically motivated. They’ve been bought so they can’t say anything. It happens. You know, we know most of them have been endorsed. They have endorsed the government in a way that when things are going wrong, they can’t voice out,” Kwaw Kese declared passionately. “We have not endorsed anybody. We endorse Ghana. We want a better Ghana. So that’s why we are here. We don’t care who is voicing out and who is not. At the end of the day, Ghana and the world will see that things are not going right. That’s why we are out here,” he added emphatically.

When asked about his own motivation for joining the protest, Kwaw Kese responded by reaffirming his commitment to being a concerned Ghanaian citizen. “I’m a Ghanaian. Things are not going right, you see, so I have to let the government know. I have to let the president know. I have to let the world know,” he asserted. “All these people here are expressing their anger that things are not going well. So I’m here to support and be a part of Ghana. And this is what we are doing. Everybody is suffering. It’s affecting everybody in this country. So the government has to do something,” he concluded.

Kwaw Kese’s bold statements have ignited a spirited debate within the entertainment industry, with many eagerly awaiting responses from his fellow celebrities regarding the accusations and the larger issues surrounding government endorsements in the arts.

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