April 12, 2024

A group of thirteen intrepid Ghanaians, comprising twelve men and one woman, have achieved a remarkable feat by arriving in London after a gruelling 16-day, 10,000-kilometer (6,214 miles) car journey from Accra, Ghana, to the United Kingdom. Their ambitious expedition was inspired by captivating tales of individuals undertaking similar ventures, particularly driving vehicles from Europe to Africa, including Ghana.

While in Spain, during an interview with Accra-based Peace FM, one of the explorers shared, “We are explorers, and we are doing this for fun. We’ve read about people driving from Europe to Ghana before, and we also planned to do it – we are almost there!”

Throughout their exhilarating journey, they encountered both triumphs and tribulations. The explorers had to make multiple stops not only to refuel their tanks but also to mend their vehicles that broke down along the way. Despite the challenges, they remained undeterred, embodying the spirit of adventure.

Cyprian Wealth, one of the explorers, kept their followers updated on social media (formerly known as Twitter) and shared their motto, “Accra to London. Drive for digitalization. 10,000km. The journey is the destination.”

Departing their homeland on Sunday, July 22nd, the explorers had earlier estimated their arrival in London between August 6 (Sunday) and August 7 (Monday) 2023 – a testament to their determination and perseverance.

The explorers undertook this extraordinary expedition with five robust vehicles, which included a Lexus RX, Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck, Mercedes-Benz G-Class (G-Wagon), and two Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUVs. Each vehicle was crucial in ensuring the successful completion of their ambitious journey.

In an inspiring parallel tale, Kunle Adeyanju achieved a remarkable feat of his own by embarking on a bike ride from London, UK, all the way to Lagos, Nigeria. This incredible journey spanned a total of 40 days before he received a triumphant and heartwarming welcome upon reaching Lagos.

August 6, 2023, marks the day of their arrival in London, and it stands as a testament to the adventurous spirit of these Ghanaian explorers who embarked on an epic cross-continental drive, leaving an indelible mark on their journey through history.August 6, 2023

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