July 15, 2024

Eric Adjei, Deputy Bono Communication Officer

Recent disclosures reveal that former President John Mahama has taken a principled stance by instructing his party’s communicators to exercise restraint and avoid exploiting the Pyjamas Scandal involving Minister of National Security, Kan Dapaah.

To recap, Albert Kan Dapaah became the center of attention following the leak of a video call with an alleged romantic interest while he was on an official trip to a European country. In the 2:48-minute video, the enamored minister was seen displaying his pyjamas in various poses at the request of his companion.

The release of the Pyjamas Scandal video ignited a significant public response, with Minister Kan Dapaah trending on various social media platforms, sparking widespread discussions and opinions. However, former President John Mahama exhibited political acumen and ethical leadership by advising National Democratic Congress (NDC) communicators against exploiting the situation for political gain.

Eric Adjei, a Deputy Bono Regional Communication Director of the NDC and a special aide to Sammy Gyamfi, disclosed this information during an interview on Okay FM. He emphasized Mr. Mahama’s exceptional qualities as a politician, highlighting his good-hearted nature and integrity.

Eric Adjei further conveyed that Mr. Mahama personally reached out to NDC communicators, urging them to abstain from engaging with the Kan Dapaah scandal. He reminded them that not every issue should be politicised and encouraged them to steer clear of the Pyjamas Scandal.

As a result of Mr. Mahama’s counsel, several individuals who had initially engaged with the issue on social media took down their posts, underscoring the former President’s influence and leadership style. Eric Adjei commended Mr. Mahama’s honorable approach and described him as a man of integrity.

This incident underscores Mr. Mahama’s commitment to promoting a higher standard of political discourse, emphasizing respect and personal dignity even in challenging situations. His guidance highlights a balanced approach to politics, focusing on ethical conduct and responsible engagement.

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