May 30, 2024

Late Nana Obeng Owusu Junior

In a heart-wrenching incident, a second-year law student at the University of Ghana, Legon, identified as Nana Obeng Owusu Junior, met an untimely demise at Ewim Polyclinic in the Cape Coast Metropolis. This tragic event is said to have occurred as a result of alleged medical negligence involving a male health worker, known as Michael, who attended to the deceased.

The grieving mother of the deceased, Mrs. Nelly Mills, recounted the harrowing incident to the media. She explained that she had brought her son to the healthcare facility to seek first aid due to his asthmatic condition, specifically in need of a nebulizer. The pair arrived at the hospital at approximately 8:00 pm and were greeted by Michael, who was assigned to the emergency department.

The distressing part of the story lies in the alleged behavior of the health worker. According to Mrs. Nelly Mills, Michael provided them with a cold reception, questioning their presence at the clinic. An altercation was narrowly avoided as she found his reception far from pleasant.

Michael eventually wrote a prescription for medication, which Mrs. Nelly Mills promptly went to purchase at the pharmacy, leaving her son and his brother at the clinic. To her shock, she returned in less than five minutes to discover her son’s lifeless body. Michael confirmed that he had administered an injection to the deceased when questioned about the situation. However, Mrs. Nelly Mills insisted they had come to the hospital for a nebulizer and not an injection.

The story takes an even more distressing turn as the hospital hastily arranged for an ambulance to transport the deceased to the University of Cape Coast morgue, all without the family’s consent. Despite Mrs. Nelly Mills’ pleas for her son’s body to be released, the hospital refused, leaving the family in anguish.

Upon reaching the morgue, the family discovered that Nana Obeng Owusu Junior had already been embalmed, making it difficult for even an autopsy to establish the cause of death.

What compounds the family’s distress is the alleged inaction regarding the nurse at the center of the incident. Despite the family’s report to the Kotokuraba District Police Station on October 10, 2023, just one day after the incident, the nurse remains free without any police invitation.

The tragic incident unfolded on Monday, October 9, 2023, at approximately 8:00 pm, leaving the family devastated and sparking outrage over the alleged medical negligence that led to this young student’s untimely death.

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