July 19, 2024

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A shocking case of grand theft has been revealed following the examination of a police docket at the Tesano Police Station. The accused trio, comprising two boyfriends and a family member, were arrested after an extensive investigation led to the recovery of a substantial amount of stolen money and valuables.

Brazen Heist and Lavish Lifestyle

The primary accused, Dani l Ose_i Kuffour, had been employed as a house help by the complainants, whose identities have been withheld. According to her statement to the police, Kuffour was introduced to the household by her boyfriend, the 5th accused, who himself had a long-standing association with the complainants. Kuffour revealed that she had been informed by the 2nd accused, another house help, about a significant sum of money stashed away in the complainants’ bedroom. Armed with this insider information, Kuffour and the 2nd accused embarked on a series of thefts, reportedly pilfering a staggering $200,000 and GHS200,000 over various occasions.

The stolen funds weren’t squandered – Kuffour, along with the 4th and 5th accused, embarked on a spending spree that spanned real estate, luxury cars, and other extravagant purchases. The 1st accused purchased a four-bedroom apartment in Tamale, fully furnished, where she was ultimately apprehended along with the 3rd accused. Notably, she also acquired a three-bedroom house in Amrahia, spending $70,000 for the property alone.

Network of Deceit Unraveled

During the investigation, the 2nd accused denied any direct involvement in the theft, claiming to have received GHS400,000 from the 1st accused, allegedly provided by a foreign benefactor. However, evidence suggests that the 2nd accused was deeply entangled in the illicit activities. The police found jewellery boxes and clothing belonging to the complainants in a house built by the 2nd accused. Witnesses also reported instances where the accused sought help to count large sums of money, further implicating her in the scheme.

The 3rd accused, Bernard Appaw, admitted to receiving substantial amounts from the 1st accused, which were allegedly proceeds of the theft. Appaw acknowledged receiving GHS180,000 to purchase a car, along with funds for other undisclosed purposes.

The 5th accused, Malik Dauda, played a central role in facilitating the thefts by introducing Kuffour to the complainants’ household. He admitted to receiving GHS100,000 from the 2nd accused, who obtained the funds from the 1st accused. Dauda, who initially believed the money was legitimate, later realized its tainted origins and returned a portion of it.

Awaiting Justice

The accused trio is now facing a litany of charges, including grand theft, conspiracy, and money laundering. The authorities are determined to uncover the full extent of their illicit activities and ensure that justice is served. As the investigation continues, the elaborate web of deceit and stolen wealth is being meticulously unravelled, shedding light on a brazen and audacious criminal enterprise that shocked the community. The accused are expected to appear in court in the coming weeks as the legal process unfolds.

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