April 17, 2024

Amidst a swirling storm of allegations and uncertainties, Sokhna MD Bire, a self-proclaimed victim in a fraud case allegedly implicating Judge Charles Edward Ekow Baiden, has stepped into the spotlight. With a determined stance, Ms Bire seeks to bring clarity to a situation that has left many questions unanswered. Her narrative aims to dispel misunderstandings and cast a revealing light on the matter, facilitating a comprehensive understanding for all parties involved.

At the heart of the controversy are allegations that Judge Baiden has allegedly withheld funds belonging to Ms Bire, defying a directive issued by the Supreme Court. Ms Bire is steadfast in her resolve to communicate an unequivocal version of events and maintain utmost transparency throughout the unfolding saga.

Rumours have been circulating regarding an apology purportedly extended by Ms Bire to Judge Baiden and Ghanaian authorities. However, given the substantial sum of USD 190,000 allegedly embezzled, Ms Bire raises a poignant query: How could an individual who stands accused of orchestrating significant financial loss elicit an apology? She firmly denies ever expressing remorse to Judge Baiden or any Ghanaian official.

“I have consistently refrained from issuing any apologies and have actively engaged with relevant authorities since July 2021,” asserts Ms Bire. Her steadfast focus has been on seeking redress and intervention in what she alleges to be a fraudulent scheme.

Judge Baiden’s reference to an apology letter purportedly authored by Ms Bire is met with incredulity. Ms Bire contends that the letter was produced without her consent, a fact further compounded by Judge Baiden’s own challenge to the letter’s authenticity based on the legitimacy of the power of attorney used for its creation. Inconsistencies in Judge Baiden’s approach are glaring, and Ms. Bire questions his motives.

Standing firm as the sole author of any legitimate apology letter, Ms Bire firmly disputes the validity of the document presented by Judge Baiden. She maintains that a comprehensive investigation will unveil the truth behind the matter, exposing the intricacies that have led to the current impasse.

A property sale further complicates the narrative, with Ms Bire alleging that the property in question was sold to another party. Her contention is bolstered by her questioning of Judge Baiden’s decision to pursue a defamation case against her rather than addressing the core financial dispute. The property’s reported sale in December 2021 coincides eerily with a defamation judgment secured by Judge Baiden against Ms Bire in December 2022.

Ms Bire finds the timing suspect, suggesting a potential link between the property transaction and the outcome of the defamation case. These events raise suspicions regarding the handling of her funds.

As the saga continues to evolve, Ms Bire appeals for an impartial and comprehensive investigation into the situation. She is resolute in her call for accountability and justice, asserting her belief that Judge Baiden should be held responsible for the financial losses she alleges to have suffered.

With legal authorities poised to respond, the journey toward truth and resolution in this intricate case is set to continue. Ms Bire remains unwavering in her pursuit of justice, ensuring that the matter’s eventual conclusion is grounded in transparency and fairness.

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