May 30, 2024

Dr George Akuffo Dampare, IGP

Salihu Saani, has cried to the Police Service in the Offinso Aabofour Municipality of the Ashanti Region to save him from the brutal hands Imam Alhaji Yusif Yakubu, whom he accused of threatening his life.

Saani has alleged that he had been receiving messages from members of his community, and text messages connoting threats of an impending doom for him and members of his family in thands of Islamic religious leader of Abofour Zonzo.

In a letter addressed to the Police Commander by the distraught man, he said Alhaji Yusif, the Chief Imam had threatened him since he (Saani) had demonstrated his readiness to fight for that which belongs to his lineage.

He said, the immediate facts leading to his predicament emanated from a letter he wrote to the Chief Imam, on September 26, 2021 asking him to discontinue the implementation of the decisions of a clandestine meeting he had with his nephew and ward- Mujahid Seidu.

According to him, on Friday, 15th October, 2021 summoned all the sub-chiefs after congregational prayers, and gave them each a duplicate of the letter he wrote to the Imam with the intent creating disaffection for his person and household.

Surprisingly, the Imam, Alahaji Yusif Yakubu started heaping and throwing threats and disparaging remarks at him.

Saani identified Fuseini Amadu, the Mosi chief, Alahji Adamu Suleimana,the Wangara Chief and the Basarie Chief, Yusif Salifu as  members of the traditional leaders present and receiving copies of his letter.

It’s the case of Saani, that the Chief Imam invited one Mumuni Nantaa, a retired Teacher to read the letter to the hearing of the gathering.

Saani says he is scared because the Chief Imam have threatened to teach him a lesson, and that who does he (Saani) thinks he was.

‘He retorted among others that ‘who the hell does Saani think he is to serve me that letter?’ He continued ‘I’ll show him were power lies. Saani alleged.

It read, ‘I Saani Salihu write to state that my life is under threat because of various happenings and utterances by some members of the public within the Abofour community in the Offinso Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

Speaking to The Hawk, Saani said: “I have been receiving unidentified threatening phone calls at odd hours of the day, including text messages. It is in the light of the foregoing, that I reported to the police, seeking a thorough investigation of the facts contained above, for the purpose of protecting my life and the lives of immediate members of my family.

“It might be important to mention, that I presently live in fear and cannot move about freely in Abofour Zonzo or any part of the country, due to the threat to my life as foretasted.”

To Saani, the Chief Imam is well known in the area for unleashing his thugs on people at the least provocation.

‘I seldom go to social gatherings as a result of the threat. I have been constricted to house arrest for my own safety and I cannot continue like this’. He said.

‘Even though I have already reported the matter to the Abofour Police trusting them to help forestall peace and order, I’m presently seeking refuge elsewhere. As helpless as I’m, I have become a fugitive in my father’s land’.

Calls placed across to Alhaji Yusif Yakubu to react to the allegations were not answered nor were text messages sent to him replied.



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