June 20, 2024

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has thrown its full support behind the Ghana Journalists Association’s (GJA) decision to impose a comprehensive media blackout on Mavis Hawa Koomson. The blackout extends to her role as an MP, Minister of State, or any other public capacity she may hold.
Expressing concern over the escalating crimes against journalists and the government’s perceived indifference towards such offenses, the MFWA believes it’s imperative for the media community to take drastic measures to safeguard journalists’ rights and ensure their safety.
Commending the GJA for its decisive stance, the MFWA appeals to all media houses and journalists in the country to adhere to the blackout. Additionally, the MFWA advocates for the media boycott to encompass all activities of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development as long as Madam Koomson remains the sector minister.
The GJA’s decision comes in response to the assault on David Kobbena, a journalist with Cape FM, allegedly by supporters of Madam Koomson. The incident occurred on January 4, 2024, during the vetting of aspiring members of parliament for the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Central Region.
Kobbena, a senior presenter on Cape FM, was attacked by thugs who accused him of insulting Hawa Koomson during a panel discussion on UTV. Despite Kobbena’s denial and attempts to show his press card, he was brutally beaten by around fifteen assailants.
The MFWA condemns this assault on journalists and demands immediate action from all concerned parties. The organization urges the NPP as a political party to seek answers from Hawa Koomson, compelling her to identify the perpetrators for disciplinary action.
Given the violence preceding the 2020 elections, including attacks on journalists, the MFWA emphasizes the importance of political stakeholders committing to tolerant, civil, and non-violent conduct. It calls on all political parties and politicians to act lawfully and condemn any lawless conduct by their supporters, punishing and publicly disowning those involved in violent acts.

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