June 20, 2024

Davis Opoku Ansak (OPK), Member of Parliament Mpraeso

Constituency in the Eastern Region, has raised a thought-provoking question regarding financial incentives provided by parliamentary aspirants to delegates during internal elections. The legislator addressed these concerns during a post-election media engagement with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, host of OkayFM’s morning show.
Responding to Tikese’s inquiry about whether he also offered payments to secure his re-election bid, OPK responded, ‘Who did not give money?’ He acknowledged that financial contributions were common among aspirants but stressed that money alone did not determine the outcomes of most elections.
‘In OPK’s perspective, no one can do politics without a garnish of money. ‘You can’t do politics without money,’’ he emphasized. OPK pointed out instances where candidates who made substantial donations still faced defeat, highlighting the multifaceted nature of electoral outcomes.
However, OPK expressed concern about the growing influence of Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in controlling and managing premix fuel. Urging the leadership of his party to address this issue promptly, he warned of potential negative consequences for the New Patriotic Party if no action is taken.
“There are those who made huge donations but still lost,” he remarked. Despite acknowledging the role of money in politics, OPK called for urgent action to curb the perceived excesses of MMDCEs in premix fuel management. He went further to disclose his intention to make a statement on this matter on the floor of parliament.
“I will propose the law on premix fuel be amended to delist MMDCEs from the management of fuel,” he declared during his conversation with Tikese. OPK’s proposal reflects his commitment to addressing what he perceives as a critical issue that could impact the party’s electoral fortunes.

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