June 20, 2024

Dr Lawrence Appiah

The founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in the United States of America, Dr Lawrence Appiah, has charged the opposition National Democratic Congress, DC, to embark only on programmes that are genuine, attainable, purposeful, durable and people-oriented.

The political activist described the March 24 parliamentary voting as “a crossroad, a landmark in the history of the National Democratic Congress.

He appealed to the leadership to steer the party in the needed direction.

Below is the full article by Dr Lawrence Appiah…

NDC At Crossroads: Remain Focused

Every spirit-filled Christian knows that the best strategy satan uses to knock Christians from their faith is to get them to lose focus. Is that not what Nana Addo is doing to the NDC? All that Nana Addo is doing is getting the NDC to lose Focus.

Trust me, Nana Addo knows very well that anybody he presents to Parliament to be a minister will be approved. So, what he is doing is presenting people who have inflicted severe pain on the NDC. Initially, the NDC will make all the noise that they will not be approved but when the decision day comes, all the dangerous species get approved.

NDC immediately loses Focus. The grassroots and the National Executive begin to question the integrity and commitment of each other. The blame game begins. The insults continue. The trust each has for the other goes away and Nana Addo wins.

If Nana Addo, as President, has the nation at heart, he will never present caricatures like Hawa Koomson, Ken Ofori-Atta and now Bryan Acheampong to parliament for approval as ministers in a country like Ghana. But he will continue to do that so long as it gets the NDC to lose Focus.

At this point, you guys should know that Nana Addo is leading the country to nowhere. His main goal right now is to put strategies and rigging tactics in place so NPP will win in 2024. NPP can only win in 2024 if the NDC loses Focus and start fighting amongst itself.

The same week Parliament approved his crooked ministers and judges, he appointed an NPP communicator to be a commissioner at the Electoral Commission. Which sensitive President from God will do that and yet you get the NPP supporting this?

What amazes me is their inability to see that Nana Addo is destroying all the institutions before he leaves office. I can’t imagine what will go on in the NPP if they lose the 2024 elections. This is why Nana Addo is doing everything possible and I urge my NDC friends to remain focused.

My fellow NDC members, I believe the fact that over 30 of our MPs voted to confirm endangered species as ministers may mean that the reconciliation process after our National Executive elections is not complete, or the reconciliation process after the change of leadership in parliament is not complete, or the reconciliation process between the  National Executives and our members in Parliament is not complete.

This is where I would want us to spend more of our energies before and during the primaries, whilst at the same time remaining strictly FOCUSED. Let’s quickly go back and talk about the economy, corruption and then the issue of gays and lesbianism.

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