‘No Akyem Role, No Ghana’s History’ – Atta Akyea (Video)

Samuel Atta Akyea, MP,Minister of Works and Housing
For the Abuakwa South Legislator, Samuel Atta Akyea, Ghana will be without history if the role of the people of Akyem is extracted from Ghana’s history.
The Minister for Works and Housing made this known when he took his turn on Paul Adom-Otchere’s Good Evening Ghana on Metropolitan Television on Tuesday, 09-06-2020.

He is the third person under Akufo-Addo’s leadership to have gone public with this sense of entitlement by way of their origin.

Nana Yaw Osafo Maafo, Senior Minister is on record to have said, persons from regions without enough natural resources should not be entrusted with political power to manage this country.

Ursula Owusu, a lawmaker, and a minister were recently roasted for a similar mindset. The Communication Minister told the host of ‘Ekosii sen’ on AsempaFM that they (NPP, the true owners of the country had taken over the affairs of the nation, and that they won’t allow anyone the space to wreck the country).

Latest to add his name to the list of tribal bigots is non-other than a preacher, lawyer, and member of parliament, Samuel Atta-Akyea.


  1. Why do we run away from the truth and create problems for ourselves? What Hon Atta Akyea has said is the absolute truth. Why? Of all the adults who were in the Gold Coast in the early 40s, how many had finished thinking about themselves, let alone to go ahead to think or dream about independence for the Gold Coast?
    But the crux of the independence dreamers were mainly Akyems. They saw this far and pumped their personal monies, resources and lives into what they believed in. Even Nkrumah who had no idea about independence was financed by these people who introduced him to the vision they had. Any wonder that the Big Six is made up of 50% Akyems? If you have no problem with that, then what is your problem? Envy? Jealousy? Or what? We do not care about the lives and resources Akyems sunk into the independence struggle. But today some people have the luxury and opportunity to function as politicians because there is state largesse to feed on? And to feel they have inalienable right to rule this country? Where from that misnomer?
    From the Akyem investments since long, how can it be criminal that there are many Akyems in government when these Akyems have undoubtedly exhibited that all their lives they have lived and breathed politics?
    Can we all not see and feel the impact of the policies of Nana Addo that benefits the mass of the people in just three years, exceeding the benefits and impact of some 27 years? And it is clear because those who led the 27 years were foisted onto the nation as politicians and were training on the job. Nana Addo and his kith and kin had bathed and swam in politics from infancy and therefore have a better understanding and demands of the game and the people. So it is not where somebody is coming from; wherether the same family or not, but the ability to deliver and serve the people well. Most politicians in the mainstream are tokenism politicians who are thinking more of creating avenues for themselves to take from the state and not to impact the state. And because they do not believe in themselves due to narrow understanding and appreciation of politics, they cannot see the goodness or the practicality of such mind blowing policies as Free SHS, One District One Factory, I village one dam, One Constituency One Ambulance etc. And because of political narrowness, they try to ridicule the policies since the policies are far beyond their comprehension and the relief they bring the mass of the people. And these positive policies are the result of the seeds that the Akyems sowed into the soils of the Gold Coast (Ghana) a decades ago.
    Dr Nkrumah came in on the back of the Akyems and tried to ridicule them. Now where is the political legacy Nkrumah left in his family? It is token. But the Akyems who brought him, have survived and dominated the political landscape all these decades. It is in their blood because they were born with it. For Dr Nkrumah, it was blood transfusion he had and that is why his family is hardly able to keep the flame burning.
    When it comes to military prowess, nobody can take it from Eʋes and our Northern kith and kin. Business, no one can take it from the Okwawus and Ashanti’s etc
    So let no one envy or try to denigrade the Akyems for their pluralism on the political landscape, but support them to do more for this nation. After all, the nose is not meant for any other thing except for breathing. Akyems have established themselves as the political heartbeat of Ghana. So if there is an Akyem Mafia, it is more complimentary than derogratory. It is stark recognition of the might and capacity of Akyems in our politics.
    But that is why people of Akyem extraction must humble themselves and serve with utmost humility, especially in their political offices.


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