May 30, 2024

Stephen Awuah-Pobi flanked by his deputies

The OkaiKoi Youth are demanding the arrest and prosecution of Osman Mamadu, popularly known as Libya, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency Youth Organizer in Okaikwei North, over alleged death threats directed at the party’s parliamentary candidate for Okaikwei North and Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei.

During a press conference led by Stephen Awuah-Pobi, the group expressed grave concerns about the safety of their candidate and urged security agencies, particularly the Ghana Police Service, to take swift action to ensure her protection. They recounted an incident during the Eid holiday on April 14, 2024, where Nana Ama Dokua was allegedly threatened by Osman Mamadu, an assemblyman for the area and a Youth organizer for the opposition NDC, at the Akweteyman Electoral Area of Okaikwei North.

According to the OkaiKoi Youth, Osman Mamadu brazenly confronted the Minister during her visit to the area, issuing disturbing threats, including the chilling statement of intending to inflict harm on her, such as shoving pepper into her eyes.

Highlighting the significance of upholding democratic principles and safeguarding participants in the electoral process, the group cited past incidents of political violence, including the killing of Hon. Ekow Hayford of Mfanteman in 2020. They commended Nana Ama Dokua for her commitment to seeking legal recourse in the face of such threats, emphasizing her dedication to the welfare of the constituents of Okaikwei North.

Expressing disappointment in Osman Mahama’s actions, the group condemned violence and intimidation in politics, urging the Ghana Police Service to thoroughly investigate the matter and condemn such behavior unequivocally. They stressed the importance of maintaining civility and decency in Ghana’s political landscape, calling for respect for the rule of law and the protection of all citizens involved in the electoral process.

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