Only crazy people believe 2020 elections is credible – Blakk Rasta


Award-Winning Radio personality and Musician, Abubakar Ahmed, known popularly as Blakk Rasta says it’s only a crazy person who will believe that the 2020 elections were credible.

According to him, the Electoral Commission which is the body charged with the management of elections in the country has on several occasions changed the figures; an indication that the process and outcome lacks credibility.

To him, the mistakes and discrepancies in terms of figures does not legitimise the President’s second term.

He said “What is happening in this country? If your own EC that had never been funded like it has been funded this time can come out not once and not twice to tell you time and again that there were discrepancies and figures have become nothing but chameleon figures changing colors every now and then, and you still have the guts to hold on to the results and say it is credible enough for you to celebrate a certain winner (then) you must be crazy”.

Ghana’s opposition NPP has said that it will not accept the results of a flawed election because to them, they won handsomely.

The party’s leader John Dramani Mahama said he and his party are upholding the country’s democratic principles and are ready to walk away only when there is an independent audit of the results declared by the electoral commission pointing to the fact that the NDC lost the election.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has dismissed claims of rigging the election and has encouraged the NDC to use all legal means available to it, to seek redress.


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