June 20, 2024

Davis Opoku-Ansah, MP for Mpraeso

In a recent conversation with Citi TV, Hon. Davis Opoku Ansah, affectionately known as OPK and serving as the Coordinator of Alan Kyeremateng’s campaign team, has unequivocally expressed his opposition to the idea of Alan Kyeremateng pursuing an independent presidential candidacy in the upcoming elections.

OPK has been unwavering in his stance, emphasizing his resolute commitment to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). He has made it clear that he cannot lend his support to Alan’s independent bid for the presidency.

Central to OPK’s position is the paramount importance of maintaining unity within the party. He has underscored the NPP’s enduring tradition of presenting a single candidate who embodies the party’s core principles and vision. OPK has argued passionately that an independent run by Alan would fracture the party’s unity and jeopardize its electoral prospects.

Rather than pursuing an independent candidacy, OPK has urged the utilization of the party’s internal mechanisms for addressing concerns and resolving disputes. He has asserted that the NPP has well-established channels for handling issues and grievances among its members.

OPK’s public opposition comes amidst widespread speculation about Alan Kyeremateng’s intentions for the upcoming presidential elections. While Alan Kyeremateng has not formally declared his independent candidacy, his recent actions and statements have fueled speculation regarding his allegiance to the NPP.

Within the party, opinions on this matter are divided, with OPK’s steadfast stance sparking spirited debates and raising uncertainties within the NPP. The nation eagerly anticipates Alan Kyeremateng’s final decision, fully aware of the profound implications it holds for the political landscape. The ongoing dialogues and discussions within the party will undoubtedly continue to shape its trajectory as the elections draw nearer.

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