June 20, 2024

Anger is spreading over allegations of election fraud in the UK Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The UK/Ireland Chapter is facing accusations from angry supporters who are demanding action to address an alleged bloated register and illegal reinstatement of disqualified applicants ahead of the Chapter Executive primary.

In a petition to the Chapter Interim Committee (CIC), the supporters claim that the provisional voter register was tampered with by proxies of one of the four chairman aspirants, and are contesting the legitimacy of the reinstatement of applicants found unfit to stand for elections by the Chapter Vetting Committee. The petitioners argue that the Chapter Appeals Committee did not have the power to reinstate applicants who did not meet the guidelines set by the FEC.

Malik Mahama

The petitioners also accuse Malik Mahama, a self-imposed brother of former President John Mahama, of attempting to impose his wishes on the Chapter, along with Karl Arhin, Alex Bediako, and Nicholas Lagudah, whose actions they claim are hurting the Chapter irredeemably.

The supporters allege that voters in Milton Keynes, East London, Manchester, Ireland, and Telford were overstated, with ineligible voters added to some registers and eligible voters removed from others. They are urging the CIC to determine the eligibility of 193 names added to the register by Alex Bediako and to direct the Chapter Electoral Committee to issue a formal apology to members for their unscrupulous conduct.

The supporters are also calling for the removal of Alex Bediako from the CEC, claiming that his integrity has been compromised. The CIC has received the petition but has not yet provided a response.

The situation in the Chapter has caused widespread condemnations, with Dr Karl Mark Arhin singled out for failing to stamp his authority. The supporters warn that if the issues are not addressed, they will use every legitimate means available to stop the Chapter.

According to the report of the Chapter Vetting Committee, Wisdom Kofi Adoli, Isabella Peace Diateson, Kwame Owusu Achiaw, Mary Gardiner, and Gladys Agalga were disqualified for non-payment of membership dues, and Roger Bokor was disqualified for issuing a fake receipt to himself. However, to the surprise of the chapter, Kofi Adoli, Mary Gardiner, Gladys Agalga and Roger Boker were included in the final list of qualified contestants.

The chapter members are now alleging that the combined efforts of Karl Arhin, Malik Mahama, Alex Bediako, and Nicholas Lagudah are causing irreparable damage to the chapter. They are particularly upset with Malik Mahama for using the name of former President John Dramani Mahama to create confusion within the chapter to further his own interests.

According to The Hawk’s investigation, the Chapter’s hierarchy has been manipulated by Malik Dramani Mahama, Alex Bediako, and Dr Karl Arhin to promote their own agenda and unpopular candidate. A highly placed source claims that the CIC is in a state of confusion and has been unable to provide satisfactory answers to the Functional Executive Committee of the party and has been seeking a resolution to the disagreement.

Dr Karl Mark Arhin is also facing criticism for failing to exercise his authority, allegedly due to monetary donations made towards his parliamentary ambition in Amenfi Central. Our sources have confirmed that the CIC has received the petition but has not yet reviewed its contents and accompanying evidence.

Despite attempts to reach Dr Karl Mark Arhin, Alex Bediako, and Malik Mahama, they have not responded to calls and text messages. The petitioners have warned that they will use every legitimate means to prevent the Chapter from holding the election if the issues are not addressed.

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1 thought on “Outrage Grows Over NDC UK Election Fraud

  1. The reportage is not entirely accurate.
    First of all Gladys Agalga was not disqualified on the basis of non payment of dues but on the the basis that her membership was not up to the stipulated 4 years as required by the Party’s constitution.
    Secondly, Gladys Agalga has not received any official letter from the appeals committee about her reinstatement to contest the impending executive election of the chapter as deputy women’s organizer.
    Thank you.

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