May 30, 2024

George Opare-Addo (Pablo)

George Opare-Addo a.k.a Pablo, the National Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, has taken a decisive step in response to what he perceives as defamatory statements published in The Anchor Newspaper. In a letter addressed to the Editor of the newspaper, Opare-Addo’s legal representatives have demanded a retraction and apology for the alleged false and damaging reportage.

In the strongly worded letter, Opare-Addo’s lawyers, Lexkudoz, outlined their client’s grievances regarding the publication in question. They emphasized that the statements made in the newspaper were not only false but also had the potential to inflict significant damage and distress on Opare-Addo’s reputation.

“We are hereby demanding that you retract the false publications made about our clients and apologize to our client within five (5) days from the delivery of this letter,” the letter stated. “Failing which we have our client’s instruction to commence legal action against you for the damage and distress that your false reportage has inflicted on our client.”

The controversy stems from an article published in The Anchor’s Thursday, May 09 – Sun May 12, 2024 edition, which allegedly accused Opare-Addo of being compromised by elements within the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The article purported that Opare-Addo was benefiting from funding provided by certain individuals within the government and was indifferent to the outcome of the December elections.

Opare-Addo vehemently denies these allegations, labeling them as “palpable falsehoods” and asserting that they were motivated by malice. His legal representative, Lawyer Adrian Duke Amaning, emphasized in the letter that the allegations were “untrue, unfounded, baseless, reckless, and without merit.”

The demands for retraction and apology underscore the seriousness with which Opare-Addo regards the matter, as he seeks to protect his hard-earned reputation from what he perceives as damaging and unjustified attacks.

The latest edition of The Anchor Newspaper features a counter story titled ‘NDC Youth Leader Refutes Accusations, Affirms Commitment to Party’.

Meanwhile, it remains unconfirmed whether The Anchor Newspaper has officially responded to Pablo’s legal team.

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