May 30, 2024

George Opare-Addo (Pablo), NDC Youth Leader

In response to allegations of defamation by George Opare-Addo, the National Youth Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), The Anchor Newspaper has issued a swift apology.

Mr. Opare-Addo, represented by his lawyer Adrian Duke Amaning, demanded a public retraction and apology from The Anchor for what he deemed defamatory remarks published in their May 09, 2024 edition. According to the letter sent by Mr. Opare-Addo’s legal team, the publication was described as “untrue, unfounded, baseless, reckless, and without merit.”

Consequently, The Anchor was given a five-day ultimatum to retract the article, issue an apology, and publish the retraction on its front page.

In response to the demands made by Mr. Opare-Addo’s attorney, The Anchor acknowledged receipt of the letter dated May 10, 2024. They clarified that the publication in question, titled ” NDC YOUTH CHASE LEADER, Accuses him of chopping from Opponents Nyafuu Nyafuu), “was not motivated by malice or an intention to tarnish Mr. Opare-Addo’s image.

“We wish to state that the story published on (Thursday, May 09 – Sun May 12, 2024 Issue 044/24 of The Anchor Newspaper) was not done out of mischief or an attempt to tarnish the image of Mr. George Opare Addo Esq,” the response from The Anchor read.

Furthermore, The Anchor expressed regret for any harm caused to Mr. Opare-Addo’s reputation by the publication and announced their decision to retract the article. They offered an unreserved apology to Mr. Opare Addo.

This development marks a significant turn in the ongoing dispute, with The Anchor taking responsibility for their reporting and extending an olive branch to Mr. Opare-Addo. The apology underscores the importance of ethical journalism practices and accountability in the media industry.

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