June 14, 2024

• As Henry and Moses Resolve Feud

Under the adept guidance of former MP and Greater Accra Minister, Sheikh Ibrahim Cudjoe Quaye, along with incumbent Regional Secretary, Daniel Nii Lai Parker, a significant stride towards reconciliation has been achieved within the NPP branch of the Ayawaso Central Constituency in Greater Accra.

The discord between Moses Abor and his MP, Henry Quartey, initially surfaced when Moses decided to contest for the parliamentary seat amid rumors that Henry had publicly announced his decision not to seek reelection after completing his third term in parliament.

Moses’ decision was met with strong disapproval from Henry Quartey’s camp, sparking unnecessary tension and division among their respective supporters. This friction persisted before, during, and after the parliamentary primaries, resulting in clear factional lines drawn between supporters of Henry and Moses.

However, taking a proactive approach, I.C. Quaye orchestrated a gathering at his Roman Ridge Residence to facilitate reconciliation and establish a unity pact among the conflicting factions.

Addressing the assembly, I.C. Quaye stressed the overriding importance of the party’s collective interests over individual agendas, urging supporters to set aside factionalism and unite to safeguard the party’s objectives. He encouraged them to combine their efforts and resources to support both the parliamentary candidate and the party’s presidential nominee.

At a post-election unity meeting held at the private residence of former Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. I.C. Quaye, Moses Abor addressed a gathering of supporters from both his and Henry Quartey’s camps.

“From the region and constituency to polling station executives, you have all been eager to hear my word. Today, you have my word. And I believe that after this message, we will all work together to break the 8,” Abor expressed, emphasizing the importance of unity and collective action.

He urged his supporters to mobilize individuals under 18 and those without voter IDs to convene at the District Office of the Electoral Commission, underscoring the need for a strong and inclusive mobilization effort.

Abor stressed that within the NPP, only one parliamentary candidate exists, and all supporters must rally behind Henry Quartey.

“We participated in an election, and at its conclusion, the delegates decided who would lead the Constituency. It is now our collective responsibility to support him,” Abor stated, emphasizing the democratic process that had determined their leader.

“Hon. Henry Quartey, in his address, urged supporters to refrain from using insults and instead focus their efforts on advocating for progress and development.

“I have decided to decentralize job opportunities by bringing them directly to the Electoral Areas,” he announced to the enthusiastic gathering of party members.”

The meeting concluded successfully, with both factions committing to collaborate and maximize support for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the nominated Member of Parliament.

The event garnered attendance from influential personalities such as Alajo Mantse, Nii Ajoor, Archibald Coobina MCE, and former Constituency Chairman Alhaji Mohamed, among others, underscoring the significance of the reconciliation efforts.

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