June 14, 2024

The management of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) has responded robustly to a petition filed by Kwame Adofo, a former lawyer of the hospital, calling for the removal of the Chief Executive Officer, Professor Otchere Addai-Mensah. In a response signed by Kwame Frimpong, Head of Public Affairs, KATH management dismissed Adofo’s claims as baseless and driven by inaccuracies and misinterpretations.
Adofo’s petition, addressed to the President, accuses Professor Addai-Mensah of financial impropriety, disregard for procurement laws, and general unfitness for his position. Specifically, Adofo alleges that the CEO withdrew significant funds from the hospital’s accounts without proper accounting and violated procurement procedures.

Rejection of Claims

KATH management has firmly rejected these allegations, highlighting Professor Addai-Mensah’s exemplary performance since his appointment. They assert that he has operated within his mandate, significantly enhancing the hospital’s operations and reputation through improvements in clinical care, infrastructure, and staff welfare.
“His transformative drive within the short time that he has been at post has not only helped to improve the operations of the hospital but also elevated its image through the enhancement of quality clinical care delivery, infrastructure upgrading, and improved staff welfare among others, on a scale unmatched in the recent history of the hospital,” the management stated.

Counter-Allegations and Legal Actions

The management also counter-accused Adofo of professional misconduct, claiming he spread unfounded allegations on social media while still under contract with the hospital. In response, the hospital has reported Adofo to the General Legal Council and initiated legal action against him in the High Court in Kumasi. Both cases are currently pending.

Addressing Specific Allegations

1. Financial Mismanagement: Management refuted claims that the CEO withdrew GH₵300,000 unaccounted for, citing a Board meeting on October 26, 2023, where detailed explanations were provided about the expenditure.

2. Procurement Breaches: Adofo’s allegations of procurement violations were dismissed. Management admitted to identifying an issue involving an accountant who registered a company supplying materials to the hospital. The individual was sanctioned, and the company blacklisted, but management emphasized that the CEO had no involvement in procurement processes.

3. Use of Asantehene’s Name for Fundraising: The management described as false the claim that the CEO misused Asantehene’s name to raise funds without accountability. They clarified that the Heal Komfo Anokye Project, launched by the Asantehene himself, was transparently managed with oversight from both the Manhyia Palace and the KATH Board.
4. Personal Travel Expenses: Addressing the accusation of claiming per diem for a private trip to Dubai, management explained that the CEO’s trip was to attend an international medical equipment fair, which was appropriately reported to the KATH Board.

5. Mismanagement of Project Funds: Management also defended the CEO against allegations of mismanaging funds for the P for R Network of Practice project, explaining the standard procedure for fund release and reporting used by all project coordinators.
For KATH’s management, the hospital’s procurement integrity remains intact, as evidenced by national and international awards, including the Gold Award for Excellence in Procurement and Supply Chain at the 2023 Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Awards.

They insist that Professor Addai-Mensah has upheld the highest standards of administrative and financial conduct, urging the dismissal of Adofo’s petition as a misleading and unfounded attack on the CEO’s integrity and performance.

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