April 12, 2024

Raymond Ablorh (President Ablorh)

Raymond Ablorh, known on facebook as President Ablorh, a communication specialist and social media activist as part of celebrating his fortieth birthday has taken to address the commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the people that elected him.

In the well-articulated address, Ablorh described Akufo-Addo’s government as  irredeemably corrupt administration, while rebuking  him for his reckless decisions.

President Ablorh went further to admonish the Akufo-Addo government to focus on taken decisions in the weal and interest of the nation and humanity.

Below is the full copy of the address of Raymond Ablorh to President Akufo-Addo and Ghanaians.  

Mr President, I deem it expedient and highly imperative to address you and our dear nation this afternoon.

I am not addressing you, your administration and our nation because today is my 40th birthday. I am doing so because the Covid-19 pandemic has washed ashore some wisdom I would like to share with you, your administration and our nation.

I don’t know what you’re thinking at this moment, but I can imagine what you may be going through as the entire nation looks up to you to provide the needed leadership.

The world, indeed, is in trying times, hence, this isn’t a time for nations to project racial, partisan, ethnic or tribal and religious differences.

This is the period to hold one another at where the collective interest of humanity and nations converge and fight what’s threatening our collective existence to its extinction.

This is a time to listen to one another with empathy and talk with and to one another, not talk at one another as we overly do here.

More importantly, it’s the time to reflect and learn from how as a nation we’ve mismanaged our affairs for a long time and say never again to our terrible politics that serves as a bane to meaningful development.

This is the reason I’m addressing you and the people of Ghana this afternoon.

Listening to you, Mr President, reveals helplessness. There seems to be paucity of quality data to back important decisions. But you must decide anyway and lead. In the face of this is inadequate resources. I can only imagine the state of your mind. I am not envious of you at all.

May God strengthen you and give you wisdom to provide the dynamic leadership required to defeat the Covid-19 invisible forces.

In this sober moments, Mr President, I believe you and your men are in the right frame of mind to listen to undiluted wisdom served in its raw state.

Do you people now appreciate why instead of promoting and facilitating religious pilgrimages to Isreal and other places for some pastors and prophets to go improve religious tourism revenues of these tourists destinations, you should have rather used the money to complete the uncompleted health facilities previous administrations started and invest in Science and Research?

Will you and your appointees and our clergy travel to Israel to wail?

What’s the relevance of all those investments in the face of the challenge that faces us today? Those prophets who wanted to engage in external religious tourism could’ve funded and done their own activities.

All the time that I kept calling on you and your government to complete those hospitals, I didn’t do so because I was paid by John Mahama or NDC to. I didn’t do so because I wanted to put unnecessary pressure on your administration. I didn’t do so because I disliked you.

I did so because I saw how you misplaced priorities to please some religious leaders to consolidate your political gains for electoral benefits. And, I knew it’s selfish of you and the clergy involved to sacrifice our collective interest on that altar.

Again, Mr President, how are we using the $3M galamsey fighting drone and $12M medical drones to fight the Coronavirus pandemic? Where are they? What’s their opportunity cost?

All the monies wasted on these and other stuff could’ve been invested by your administration prudently to expand the health facilities we need most today or improve research in the face of this threatening pandemic.

Mr President, if ever God will save us from this pandemic, he wouldn’t because we’re building him a Cathedral. Even Vetican isn’t safe. Israel isn’t safe. That decision is a child of carnality and religion, not spirituality. And, it’s administered with lies, half-truths and inconsistencies. At a point, defenders had to leave the fulfilment of a vow to God and project tourism and other economic benefits to persuade citizens.

Today, were this National Cathedral ready, it would be empty because of your directive forbidding religious gatherings. Worshippers and tourists couldn’t be there because of the pandemic.

Mr President, if you truly love God and desires to honour him, you must provide godly and righteous leadership, eschew corruption, social injustice, political vengeance and vindictiveness. That’s what God will be pleased with.

In fact, that is what these men of God who are happy in your presence than in God’s presence should have told you long go.

You promised to protect the public purse. You and your Vice President preached Value for Money Audit, your promised to fight corruption, etc.

But, just look at how irredeemably corrupt your administration. Look at how hopelessly vulnerable citizens are in hardships that are growing in intensity.

Sadly, Prophet Owusu Bempah, your religious consultant’s quick to insulate you with very silly narrative that your arch opponent has sent some wicked demons to unleash hardships on the people to defame you. He says such things, so he’ll remain your favourite prophet and feel important among other religions leaders.

Where is he today when we need to consult the God who reveal elections results and death dates of high-profile citizens to him?

We all must repent and reunite with God within. We must shun the hypocrisy, greed, selfishness and other the works of darkness that we engage in, and, seek God wholeheartedly and faithfully.

We must stop using the name of the Lord for only business and political reasons. Otherwise, we’ll perish.

Today is Sunday. The churches are empty. Has God stopped listening to our prayers because we aren’t at the location, we’ve been meeting him regularly? Where will we converge to do the national fasting and prayers?

Covid-19 is killing religion to birth spirituality. God is everywhere. He’s within us. True worship is internal not external. It only birth fruits external. Meeting or gathering of the brethren is required for collective growth as well as individual growth but the meeting places and meetings have taken the place of their purpose in relevance hence, they aren’t serving their purpose.

These places have turned to marketplaces where salespeople have occupied the place of Christ to do business in the name of Christ. For others, the work of God is a career option like every other profession hence measuring performance like it’s done in earthly corporates.

This is why these men of God can’t look into your eyes and tell you the truth. We claim ours is a “Christian” nation, Mr President. But nothing shows we know God, not even your leadership and our politics beyond the mention of God in our National Anthem and Pledge.

As Covid-19 sends down our knees in prayer let’s go with contrite hearts and seek forgiveness with a vow to allow the righteous one live his righteousness in us.

Another thing, worth noting is that Covid-19 has made it impossible for our leaders and the well-to-do in society to travel to safe places. There’s no safe place. The wisdom in this is that instead of stealing and siphoning national resource to enrich we and living affluent lives at the expense of the masses while they die in dehumanizing deprivation, rather build the safest place here.

Build the best health, education, waste management, social and other facilities right here. All the monies our leaders have put in foreign banks is of benefit to their nations now. They’re giving them lifesaving packages while our people have no water to drink let alone wash their hands. Of course, our leaders can buy sanitizers and other important stuff as well as stock their fridges while the people perish, but, not long after the farmers die, they too shall die. This is how our lives are interconnected.

This is a time to share love more. We can only win with love. Because, with love, even if our bodies are conquered, we’re victorious in spirit.

This is the time to unite and see the good that unite us more than ever before. This is the time to look beyond elections and care about the owners of the thumbs that gives power. On this note, Government should swiftly consider the proposal made by the Minority for a bipartisan approach to fight Covid-19.

This is the time to get our priorities right with precision.

Mr President, I wish you and the people of Ghana well as we meet God within to empower us to win this battle.

We’ve won if we know and believe that we’ve. And, what means that we must win in our minds and hearts first. And, we must translate the victory with our words and actions. We shall not die mentality.

While we pray and exercise, we shall not die mentality, we ought to take the necessary precautions. And, as a nation we must put in place the necessary infrastructure and facilities we need to win.

May God help us.

Thank you.

President Ablorh.


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