Salma Mumin Busted in Her Own Web of Lies


Salma Mumin a self-styled movie maker told a BIG FAT LIE when she sought to create the impression that it was no longer safe to do business with MTN.

The Instagram actress had accused Telecommunication giant MTN of stealing about Ten Thousand Ghanaian cedis in her merchant account.

A claim, the telecommunication provider has vehemently denied.

Reacting to the accusation, MTN has given Salma Mumin a 24-hour ultimatum to apologize for her claim that  “MTN is not safe”.

According to MTN-Ghana, they will be compelled to take legal actions against Salma Mumin if she doesn’t come out to retract her claim that suggested that MTN had stolen her money.

“We wish to state categorically and for the records that the claim made in the post are false and misleading to the public and the poster’s Instagram followers. As @Salmamumin is very much aware, the said amount was not in her MoMo Merchant Wallet and no money has been taken from her MoMo Merchant Wallet as claimed,” parts of the statement read.



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