May 30, 2024

Mr & Mrs. Pastor Dr. Jacob Ahenkorah and Ruth Ahenkorah

• Pastor and Wife Accused in Visa Scam

In a troubling case of alleged fraud, Jacob Ahenkorah, the head pastor of the Kisseman Branch of the Apostolic Church, and his wife Ruth Ahenkorah, stand accused of defrauding numerous Ghanaian youth under the guise of facilitating overseas travel opportunities.

Philip Leroy, one of the victims, has come forward to share his harrowing experience, detailing how he fell victim to the deceptive schemes of the Ahenkorahs. Leroy recounts his initial contact with Anointed Travel and Tours, where he sought assistance in obtaining an Australian work visa for a cruise ship job offer advertised by the agency.

According to Leroy, he was charged a staggering GHS90,000.00, inclusive of a ticket, for the purported visa. Additionally, he paid an extra GHS10,000.00 for a sponsorship visa for his brother, bringing the total amount to GHS100,000.00. Despite making an initial deposit of GHS40,000.00 on December 21, 2022, Leroy soon discovered the devastating truth.

On March 1, 2023, Leroy received a copy of the visa, which he verified as valid through the Vevo visa validation app. Encouraged by this confirmation, Leroy proceeded to pay the remaining GHS50,000.00 to complete the fee and was issued an air ticket for a departure on March 17, 2023. However, upon arrival at Kotoka International Airport, Leroy was informed that his visa was counterfeit, leaving him stranded and disillusioned.

Desperate for resolution, Leroy alleges that Pastor Jacob Ahenkorah, identifying himself as Ruth’s husband, offered to facilitate a visa for him in Germany. Despite Leroy’s willingness to pursue this alternative, he soon found himself abandoned as the Ahenkorahs ceased all communication and closed their office.

With his pleas for assistance falling on deaf ears at the Nima Police Station and the police headquarters, Leroy remains out of pocket and in despair. Despite receiving partial refunds totaling GHS9,000.00, Leroy is still owed a substantial balance of GHS91,000.00 by the accused couple.

Efforts to reach Ruth Ahenkorah since January 21, 2024, have been futile. However, Pastor Dr. Jacob promptly returned our call, assuring us that his wife and CEO of the Travel Company would reach out to offer her side of the narrative. Pastor Jacob confirmed the case during the phone call and disclosed that it is under investigation by the police at the CID headquarters.

Amid this ongoing ordeal, Leroy and other victims remain in limbo, awaiting resolution. As the situation continues to unfold, they appeal to the Apostolic Church of Ghana’s Kisseman Branch to intervene and address the allegations of fraud involving their branch pastor and his wife.

As the investigation unfolds, the fate of Leroy and other victims hangs in the balance, highlighting the urgent need for accountability and justice in the face of deception and exploitation.

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3 thoughts on “Scandal Hits Apostolic Church

  1. Thanks for the news; but please the headline does not meet the content. Hence you’re reporting falsely and defaming the name of the said Church.
    Firstly, the company doesn’t belong to the church but it’s someone’s personal company, in as much as the person involved belongs to a certain church doesn’t mean the church committed the crime. Then, If that’s the case then every news that you will report has to have the attachment of the victim’s church.
    In fact, this post looks much unprofessional and need to be reconstructed or should be taken off, because if you don’t take care the said church will sue you; and I hope by now they are preparing to sue you.

  2. This honestly looks like a deliberate an attempt to tarnish the image of the pastor and the church.
    1. You agree you’ve made contacts with the pastor and not that he is on the run
    2. He has made commitment of payment
    And you’ve not yet heard the side of the story of the accused persons, why then do you publicize a half truth.

    Please go and come again

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