May 30, 2024

Facts emerging from a publication by African Watch, it has been reported that Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremanten, the former Trade and Industry Minister, made the courageous decision to resign from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an exclusive interview with The African Watch magazine, Mr Kyeremanten, a seasoned flagbearer aspirant, opened up on why he resigned from the party.

Mr Kyeremanten stated that his resignation attempt was motivated by his desire for party unity and cohesion, as he believed there was a lack of genuine reconciliation within the party. He expressed concerns about the perceived unfair treatment of his followers and saw his resignation as a way to censor the candidate elect and his fan base from abusing his followers.

The issue of resignation seems to persistently haunt Mr Kyeremanten’s aspiration to lead the New Patriotic Party as its flagbearer. It has become a burdensome challenge for him, appearing as an albatross around his neck and a formidable obstacle that resurfaces whenever he presents himself for the party’s highest position.

Nana Ohene Ntow, a former General Secretary and a close associate of Alan, has attempted to mitigate the impact of the resignation issue. However, it appears that his efforts to address the situation have inadvertently fueled its proliferation, causing the matter to spread even further.

Ohene Ntow clarified that while Alan had indeed submitted a resignation letter in response to the reported intimidation of his supporters following the 2007 flagbearership election, he never followed through with the actual resignation. Instead, he alleged that the letter was leaked to the media by the then National Chairman, Peter Mac Manu.

As the General Secretary of the NPP at the time, he maintained that Mr Kyerematen rescinded his decision before it was leaked to the media. But insisted Alan never resigned.

Curiously, there is a lack of records or news reports regarding the alleged reversal of Mr. Kyerematen’s intention to resign. No concrete evidence or information exists to substantiate the claim that he rescinded his planned resignation.

Indeed, numerous news reports and internet sources substantiate the claim that Mr Kyerematen, who served as the Minister of Presidential Special Initiative during the Kufour regime, proactively chose to resign in order to address the concerns of his supporters. The available information supports the notion that he took this step as a means of appeasing his followers.

African Watch’s report on their interview with Mr Alan Kyeremanten, formerly known as Alan Kash, provides one example of such coverage.

The reputed news magazine featured this report in its edition dated July 20th, 2010.

‘In response to your question about my resigning from the Party, it is important that I set the record straight. On 17th April 2008, I wrote a letter of resignation addressed to the Chairman of the Party citing a number of reasons which in my view were undermining the unity of our Party and which posed a serious threat to our winning the 2008 elections.

My resignation was NOT ACCEPTED by the Party following consultations with the former President, His Excellency J.A. Kufour. Consequently, on the 25th of April 2008, the Chairman of the party wrote to appeal to me to withdraw my letter of resignation which I did in a letter dated 30th of April, thus, bringing the matter to a closure. Mr Kyeremanten told Richard Sam Addo (RA).

Mr Kyeremanten is currently competing alongside nine other candidates for the esteemed position of NPP flagbearer.

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  1. Alan threatened to form a new party in 2008. Though I sympathise with him because he should have contested second round. He let his chance away. Bitter Happy for him

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